Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series Resurrect PM Product Review

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What is it?
Ultra-concentrated sleep and recovery formula that is ment support lean muscle mass growth,promote deep sleep, restful R.E.M SLEEP AND Support anabolic growth.
Total fat-0g
Total carbohydrates-1g
Vitamin c (as ascorbic acid)-100mg
Vitamin E(as dl-alpha tacopheryl acetate)-10i.u
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hci)-6mg
Magnesium(as magnesium citrate)-150mg
Zinc(zinc sulfate)-10mg
GABA(gamma-aminobutyric acid)-1g
Mucuna pruriens(bean)-1g
Growth and repair blend.
Magnesium citrate,Creatine gluconate,L-ornithine,L-phenylalanine,l-theanine,Hica,Zinc Sulphate,Vitamin E,Vitamin B6
Mix and taste.
Ressurect-pm must be the easiest powder to mix. With just one scoop per serving and a couple shakes and your away. There was never any lumps or residue. I personally used the blue razz dream flavour. I found this awesome due to the nice new idea called senza cool. After drinking it if you exhale you get a minty fresh taste in your mouth. Which I personally think is a great idea as I love a supplement that you can almost feel kicking it.
Personal effects.
I can honestly say, I truly enjoyed trying out ressurect-pm and I shall buy it again. I took it for about four weeks. And by the third day I was waking up feeling full of energy and and ready for my day due to ressurect-pm supporting deep sleep. I would find it slightly harder to fall asleep but when I did that was it, I wouldn’t wake up until needed and normal woke up a few minutes before my alarm.  I personally stacked ressurect-pm with pro-antium. The recovery effects where excellent. After a full week of taking both together I would hardly ever ache in the mornings. Except day after leg day of course. Overall I put ressurect-pm at the top of my sleep aid supplements due to its excellent deep sleep support and having recovery effects too.