Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series – Iso-Tropic Max Product Review

Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series ISO-TROPIC MAX


ISO-Tropic Max Is A 100% Pure Whey protein Isolate with no carbs, sugars, artificial colours or gluten. ISO-Tropic Max matches your hard work and rewards you with a refreshing taste that you can enjoy day after day without breaking your diet. Your hard work, blood, sweat and tears deserve to be rewarded with a clean, delicious, & high quality protein isolate that you actually look forward to drinking.

Everyone and their mother has an isolate out these days so what separates ISO-TROPIC MAX™ from all of the others? First of all, no games, just 27g of PURE 100% WHEY ISOLATE per scoop… more is always better! *

Also, you can have the most advanced, cold filtered, ion exchange, genetically engineered best protein of ALL TIME… but if you can’t absorb it to the fullest then it ain’t worth squat! ISO-TROPIC MAX™ is fortified with AstraGin™ (Astragalus Membranceus Root and Panax Notoginseng) an absorption enhancing ingredient clinically proven to increase amino acid uptake by 66.7%. Considering protein is made up of amino acids being able to absorb them at a significantly higher and more efficient rate is a huge advantage… especially during the very small post workout anabolic window. With ISO-TROPIC MAX™you’ll never waste a gram of protein AGAIN! *

With just 110 calories per serving and only 6 total ingredients, not to mention delivering a smoothie like taste profile, ISO-TROPIC MAX™ might just be the CLEANEST & most COMPLETE protein ever made. *


NUTRITION FACTS (per 31g serving)
    • Iso Leucine – 1610mg
    • Leucine – 2410mg
    • Valine – 1690mg
    • Alanine – 1395
    • Arginine – 530mg
    • Aspartic Acid – 3030mg
    • Cysteine – 580mg
    • Glutamic Acid – 4850mg
    • Glycine – 440mg
    • Histidine – 500mg
    • Proline – 1790mg
    • Serine – 1270mg
    • Tyrosine – 740mg
    • Lysine – 2520mg
    • Methionine – 590mg
    • Phenylalanine – 800mg
    • Threonine – 1870mg
    • Tryptophan – 520mg

I fell in love with Iso Tropic Max straight away due to its high protein percentage while keeping it a delicious drink. Every body knows that you don’t always enjoy a protein shake but it has to be done to maximise your hard earnt gains. This is not the case with Iso Tropic Max, I personally used pomegranate berry and I found it surprisingly tasteful and refreshing. After literally a couple shakes or stirs and your lump free and ready to go.

It’s hard to describe an effect but I used Iso Tropic Max after every work-out due to its rapid absorption time and large amino complex. I found it really helped me with my gains, because of its easy mixing and great taste I could take it immediately after a work-out with out hesitation, giving my muscles the nutrients they need to maximize my gains and recovery. Due to its quick absorption and juice like texture I was able to take Iso Tropic Max after my work outs without a bloating feeling meaning I could go home and still ate a meal maximizing my gains even more. You can’t go wrong with this product. Gram for gram it beats most proteins out there in my eyes.

I personally will be making this a must product from now on, and I recommend it to anyone wanting that quick easy hit of protein and amino acids, while still keeping a delicious low calorie drink.