Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series – Stacked N.O. Product Review



Stacked NO2 is a nitric oxide enhancing product designed to increase vascularity, blood flow and nutrition delivery. It contains 3gs of L-cittrulline and 1g of agmatine which quickly increases your NO2 levels and maintains a strong flow through out the day.

This statement is reserved for those that have achieved legendary status and command the attention of everyone around them. Those freaks that walk around all day constantly looking like they just finished their final set of curls because they seem to always have a permanent pump. But how? They aren’t pumping up when you have your back turned, they just figured out how to keep their N.O. levels at a peak ALL DAY! That means they are sporting snake-like pipes in their arms 24/7 and you’re talking to the master of vascularity here!

Being able to see your veins through the sweatshirt you are wearing is cool and all but the real advantage to having a positive nitrogen balance is that it translates into better nutrient delivery, more oxygen to your muscles and a dominant gym performance leaving your body in a state of anabolism. The time for feeling flat is over; the time to get STACKED is now!



Ingredients (per three capsules)



  • Naicin (as naicuiamide) – 12.5mg
  • Vitamin b-12 (as cyanocobalam) 0.75mcg
  • L-citrulline – 1500mg
  • Agmatine – 500mg
  • Stacked no catalyst blend – 325mg
  • L-ornithine hci, HICA(alpha-hydroxy-Leucine calcium salt), Astragine(astragalus membranceus)


Ingredient Benefits

Naicin -Naicin is involved in cellular energy production. It supports healthy cardiovascular function, nervous system function and immune function. It also helps transports enzymes that breakdown fats, carbohydrates and proteins so that your body can use all the nutrients effectively.
Vitamin B12 – Helps support vasodilation by promoting the growth and production of red blood cells.
L-cittrulline – A bio available form of Arginine, L-cittrulline can be taken in higher doses to guarantee a nitric oxide production.
Agmatine – Another form of Arginine which influences endothelial cells and significantly causes a increase in nitric oxide production.
L-ornithine – Inhibitates cortisone, a hormone responsible for breaking down muscle. There for making l-ornithine a catalyst for anabolism. Generating into muscle growth.
Hica – Increases your body’s muscle mass and helps reduce soreness .
Astragin – Enhances your body’s absorption guaranteeing you get a quick supply of nutrients when needed.


My Review

My dosage was 3 capsules daily for 4 weeks. Honestly, after about four days I was feeling and seeing the effects of Stacked NO2. My arms were slightly fuller and I was starting to feel pumps in my bicep through out the entire day. By the 12th day I was shocked to see how much Stacked NO2 was working, I was pumped through out the day stronger than ever. Even sweeping the floor would make my arms look like I had done a hour workout. The vascularity was amazing and the over all fullness was second to none. On the gym side it was amazing. I was looking pumped, feeling pumped and had very noticeable strength gains, I was also feeling more focused the further I got into my cycle.

By the end of the four weeks I had benefited greatly from Stacked NO2. I was really impressed with Ronnie Coleman’s signature series product, even down to the size of the capsules. Some company’s expect you to swallow a huge tablet that nearly chokes you as with Stacked NO2 this is not the case they are very easy to swallow due to the slippery outer casing and sensible size. Overall I recommend Stacked NO2 to anyone wanting to increase your nutrition delivery and get some amazing increases in your strength, vascularity and overall muscle mass.