Routine For A Thicker And Wider Back

young male bodybuilder doing heavy weight exercise

A wide back is an indication of not only strength, but also dedication. It takes time to acquire those “wings” and thickness, but once you earn them, you also earn respect in the industry. This routine is a high volume program to focus on building a thicker and a wider back.


Deadlifts 4×6

Great for developing the lower back. A compound movement, and possibly the single best exercise out there

T-Bar Rows 4×8

Another great compound movement, hitting just about every muscle on your back. Great for developing thickness.

Cable Row 4×8

Another essential exercise for thickness development

One Arm Dumbbell Rows 4×8 (each side)

Many like this exercise because it allows for a heavy weight, and just like the ones listed above, it is phenomenal for overall thickness.

Pull-Ups 4×8

Great for bringing out those lats, one of the best exercises overall.

Reverse-Grip Lat Pulldown 4×8

This will focus on biceps a bit more, but will be great for developing the wing lats.

Cable Pullover 4×10

A fantastic exercise to stabilize the whole body, as it has your core and lats working together. Often practiced by Bruce Lee for Lat development… and well… just take a look at his lats.


  • This is a sample routine. If you are just a beginner just lower the number of sets because this could be too high of a volume for you.
  • Try not to rest too much between sets. The harder you work, the more results you’ll see.
  • Perform this routine once a week consistently, and results are guaranteed


Author: Davit Torosyan