San Francisco Transform Into Gotham City for “Batkid” Battling Leukemia (Video)


The 12,000 volunteers wore superhero capes and transformed San Francisco into Gotham City today can’t make sure a California boy will stay clear of leukemia for the rest of his life. The Make-A-Wish Foundation along with the city of San Francisco and 12,000 volunteers are making that happen this afternoon, transforming Union Square into mini Gotham.






The caped crusader arrives! Batman and Batkid (Miles Scott, right) prepare to fight their foes on the streets of Gotham City (San Francisco)


Save us Batkid! Miles, who is in remission after suffering from leukemia, runs to save a damsel in distress as he is granted his wish to be a superhero for the day in San Francisco


The day begins! The Batmobile arrives to collect Batkid and Batman so they can fight the city's villains



Time for a hero! Miles exits the Batmobile with Batman to save a damsel in distress after a call from the police chief


We need your help, Batkid! A damsel in distress is tied to tracks in San Francisco by the Riddler


It's up to you, Batkid! Our heroes discuss how to save the woman as they run to her aid

Great job, Batkid! The relieved woman hugs her superhero after he saved her from the tracks


No time to waste! Batkid and Batman run back to their Batmobile after saving the damsel in distress


Uh oh! Batkid then learned that the Riddler had threatened to rob a bank in the Financial District



Celebration: Crowds cheer as Batkid emerges after helping arrest the Riddler as he stole from the bank


On to the next job: Miles, also known as BatKid, leaves in his Batmobile after arresting the Riddler


'Even superheroes need lunch!' Batkid and Batman head to Union Square to snack on burgers


Crowd: Make-A-Wish shared this image on Twitter with the caption: 'SFBatkid, citizens of Gotham need you!'


Support: Miles is cheered on by his little brother, who is dressed as Robin, and his grandmother


A hero's welcome: Police escort batkid after in Union Square after his heroic deeds


A San Francisco police officer on bike escorts BatKid after he arrested the Riddler





via Daily Mail