Sexy Thighs and Glutes Workout (Video)

Sexy Thighs and Glutes Workout (Video)

For women, working out the lower body is essential. Due to a particular fat-storing mechanism unique to the female body, your thighs and backside are the first to show excess weight.

In order to get the sexy thighs and round backside you want, you’ll need to find exercises appropriate to your individual goals. The following is a basic program aimed at sculpting the muscles in your lower body the right way, helping you reach a sexy, feminine, pear-shaped physique.

Really, this physique is already within you and simply needs to be revealed. We’ll work with you to do so by developing sweep and strength for your thighs and backside. Further, we’ll employ cardio to reduce excess fats in those areas and allow your muscles to show. With this intensive program, you’ll be burning fats and shaping up in no time.

Lunges 5 SETS / 10 REPS

Standard lunges are excellent for exercising glutes, abductors, and quads.

Sumo Deadlift 3 SETS / 20 REPS (Use light weights)

While there are many variations of this exercise, our goal is to exercise the abductors, hamstrings, and glutes. To do so, your body posture should conform to the following three rules: Shins parallel, back flat, and knees pointed outwards.

Squat 5 SETS / 6-15 REPS (Progressive Overload)

Keep the feet apart, shoulder-width. The closer the feet are, the more stable the core and the more exercise for the quads. Be sure the squats are done as deep as is comfortable for you.

Calve Raises 5 SETS / 20 REPS

Diamond-shaped calves will make your thighs stand out and also develop your overall strength level.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift 4 SETS / 10-15 REPS

Here, we focus on the hamstrings, while also peripherally exercising the glutes. Though it’s called the stiff-legged deadlift, your knees actually must stay loose and slightly bent, initially. Gradually extend the legs as the weight is moved upwards, keeping the bar close to your body.