Shorter Fighter KO’s Taller Fighter (Video)

Watch this amazing feat of Jonathan Tuhu as he obliterated his very much taller opponent in a fight that seemed to be one-sided in the eyes of the many.

Jonathan Tuhu, a short man, knocks out a taller opponent

Everything about this knockout is perfect…a much shorter fighter knocking out his “giant” opponent, it’s the kick itself and the way the knocked out fighter went down to the floor.

We don’t know the name of the second fighter at the moment but what we do know is that Jonathan Tuhu landed a stunning kick in that fight that took place in Newcastle, Australia earlier this year.

The video starts with both fighters throwing low kicks. Jonathan Tuhu is stalking his much taller opponent, the tall man gets off the ropes with a flying knee attempt, that doesn’t fully connect. He moves away and Jonathan Tuhu follows him. Tuhu throws a left kick that misses BUT he spins and lands an amazing tornado kick, catching his opponent clean on the top of the head. Tuhu is the first to go to the floor from his own kick but he’s up to his feet before his opponent goes down. The tall man is out cold but the ropes keep him up for around 2-3 seconds before he falls down face first.