Six Dynamic Tips To Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds

Lose Those Extra Pounds


With obesity taking its toll and affecting the mortality rate worldwide, losing weight is no longer only an appearance benefit but a major health concern. Moreover, with the media flaunting the idea of an hourglass figure synonymous to perfect beauty and innate elegance, more and more women are becoming desperate to lose those extra pounds from the body and achieve a slimmer and trimmer appearance.

This article is geared towards all those who are looking for a quick and effective route towards rapid weight loss.

1. Making positive and resultant dietary changes:

Weight loss endeavors are only beneficial if they are carried out on a long term basis. Sudden and short term dietary changes do more harm than good in the long run. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits, cutting down on desserts, increasing lean protein in your diet and decreasing carbohydrates is one of the best way to start off your weight loss journey. Avoiding white sugar, white flour and white rice and substituting them with whole grains and brown bread is also a healthier and smarter option for your weight loss targets.

2. Drinking lots of water:

Water is enriched with the miraculous property of burning excess body fat. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day is a perfect recipe to a leaner body as water has zero calories. The best time to drink water is before mealtimes to avoid overeating. The more you load up your stomach with water, the lesser the temptation to fill it up with food as water not only quenches thirst but gives a satiating feeling of fullness.

3. Reducing portion size and increasing meal numbers:

Your metabolism rate determines how fast you convert your body fat in to energy and use up the excess stored fat. Research has proved that reducing meal sizes and instead increasing the number of meals greatly contributes to rapid weight loss. This is because every time you eat, your digestion process is turned on and it costs the body calories to digest food and keep your metabolism running. So naturally you burn more fat and use up more calories if you eat 5-6 small portions of meal. Eating a healthy breakfast of eggs and cheese, snacking in between on salads and fruits, lunching with a little protein and ending it up with fish or meat can really help to transform you in about two weeks.

4. Charging up with green tea:

Green tea is a powerful gift of nature. It has amazing properties to speed up the metabolism rate and assist in the fat melting process. Green tea has numerous health benefits which makes it an invaluable drink to consume at least 3-4 times a day. Research has shown that it can burn 70 calories a day. That amounts to 7 pounds in one year. Moreover, when you consume green tea especially with every meal, it blocks your temptation to drink soft drinks which are high calorie providers.

5. Limit your temptations by shoving away snacks out of your house:

When you have taken up the resolution to stack away those unhealthy pounds, why think twice. Take out all the junk food like chips, cookies, cakes, chocolates, ice creams etc from your pantry and kick off your temptations. This way whenever you feel the urge to indulge in snacks every now and then, you will have to make an attempt to go to the supermarket first to get them. The mere idea of walking for your hunger craving will quench your appetite for the unhealthy foods!

6. Maintain a food diary:

Research has proved that people who write a food diary are more dedicated towards their weight loss goals. Write down each morsel or each sip that you have had in the entire day. Don’t skip even the tiniest food detail. Even note how many liters of water you have drunk. Record everything and review at the end of the day. This way you will have a clear picture of your food habits and this will motivate you to cut down on items that are adding up to your calorie list.

Cutting out excess weight is not a child’s play. It takes willpower and positive attitude to achieve lasting success. So happy biting!