Six Ways You Can Improve Your Performance As An Athlete



As an athlete, you are more than likely constantly trying to find ways to improve your performance. Once you reach your original goal, there are always new goals to set and work towards. In some instances, you might be having trouble reaching your goals and need to step things up a bit. Here are six ways you can improve your performance:

Go Outdoors

Doing cardio indoors on machinery day after day does not necessarily give you the workout that you need, as it does not mimic the sports you actually do. Taking your cardio exercise outdoors and doing things such as rollerblading or hill sprints will workout your body more in a way your sport will.

Work On Your Vision

No matter what sport or workout you are doing, you need to keep your eyes sharp. Having poor vision can directly influence your performance because you will be less focused, says the experts at Visivite. Taking vitamins for your eyes is an essential part of conditioning your body to perform the best it can.

Carb Up

Your body needs fuel in order to keep going at the pace you need to, especially when you are involved with performance sports. The best way to fuel your body before a performance is with carbohydrates, as your body is able to utilize them well. Make sure you eat lots of carbs the day before your big event or training session.


When you are taking a rest day, actually rest. Your body needs time to recover from the hard work you have consistently put it through. You will actually feel better during your next workout when you give your body a day of rest.

Drink Water

This seems like a simple task, but it is often overlooked in the bigger picture. If your body is even slightly dehydrated, your performance decreases. Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important during your workout, as well as before and after. For more intense workouts, add Gatorade or other supplements to your water to replace all the minerals you will lose.

Add Calcium

Calcium is a nutrient that is not only used for keeping bones healthy and strong, it is an important factor in allowing muscles the ability to contract properly. A deficiency can cause poor athletic performance. If you have an intolerance to milk products, taking a calcium supplement can be of assistance.

It is always important to keep your performance at its peak throughout your athletic training and career, and there are always ways to improve on what you are already doing. Taking any of these steps can provide you with the improvements that you are looking for.