Some Loud Mouth Picks A Fight With A Guy Who Is A Trained MMA Fighter (Video)

This has to be the most embarrassing knockout, he laying with his legs spread. I always tell people stop picking fights because you don’t know what people are trained to do.

There are few universal rules in life: don’t eat yellow snow, don’t look down the tube of a hose if it stopped working, brush twice a day, look both ways before crossing the street, etc. But the least talked about one is DO NOT fuck with someone unloading a UHaul. I don’t care if it’s for work or if they’re moving, the task they’re partaking in is one of the worst imaginable. They’re so angry they could fight a bull.

The only thought in someone unloading a UHaul’s head is “I hate my fucking life. I must kill.” That’s literally it. So don’t fuck with them or you’re gonna get knocked out then left in missionary to be fucked by a van. It’s like the stories you hear when a mom lifts a car to save a baby, men unloading UHauls have so much anger and adrenaline running through their veins that they can destroy absolutely anything. Including ripped, shirtless, and crazy men.

via Barstool Sports