Some Of The Important Aspects Of Choosing A Personal Trainer



Summer is round the corner and like all other girls you must be wanting to style around by wearing shirts and dresses. However, at the same time you must be feeling shy and embarrassed to do so because of your weight and fat that you have gained over spring and winter. Never mind, instead of being insecure it’s time to boost up your energy and take some positive steps towards losing your accumulated weight. You must be wondering how! Do not worry! We will not suggest you to for crash dieting rather we will advise you a healthier and option – join gym. Yes! This would be a healthier and easier option to lose weight your weight. You can also hire the services of a personal trainer. While personal training session would be a little pricey, but it would be a good investment, in terms of your personal health and well being.

There are many personal trainers in your area, so, if you speculate how to determine the best one for you, here are some of the handy ideas.

Ask for referrals: One of the best ways to find a good personal trainer in your area is asking for referrals. Find out if your industrial friends and peers know any personal trainer, the services of which they have recently used. You can also surf on the internet and go through the phonebook to get a list of personal trainers in your house.

Get recommendations: Read the authentic testimonials of the clients on the websites of the potential personal trainers. This will help you know the previous records of the trainers and also the feedback of the clients. You can also contact these clients directly in order to get a more in-depth insight of the trainers.

Qualifications: Of all the things to consider, this is by far the most important. As noted, there is no particular licensure required to work as a trainer. Literally anyone who has ever set foot in a gym can dish out advice on the subject. So, in regard to this, the best indicator of knowledge is the education and/or qualification of the trainer. It is highly advisable to choose a trainer who has college education related to this field. A master’s degree is even more preferable. Although higher education does not assure competence in this field, yet at least assures that s (he) understand the rudiments of exercise physiology. Also, look into the certifications of the trainers. There are a plenty of organizations that certify personal trainers. So, make sure that the trainer you choose has certifications from proper organization.

Experience: Make sure that the trainer you choose is well experienced in this field. S (he) should know how to handle different situation that may come up any time, and should also having answers to your questions. Also, find out their personal experience of training. In other words, have they ever worked out with personal trainer? Remember that working out improperly with weights and machines can result in painful results. So, it is important that the trainer should know what his/her clients are doing, and what can be their consequences.

Training style: Find out the training style that your trainer offers. Do they prefer training with free weights? Do they have a penchant for cardio? Do they use tools and equipments? This is an important factor to consider, especially if you have any preferred method, or unwilling to use a specific method.


If you reside in Newport Beach and looking for a personal trainer, then consider the above mentioned pointers. They will immensely help you choose a good personal trainer in Newport Beach.


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Lopez Genelia has been associated with the profession of personal training for last many years. She has written a plenty of articles related to personal training. In this particular write-up she has discussed upon some of the important factors that you must consider when choosing a personal trainer in Newport Beach.