Sports Bra That Detects Early Stages Of Breast Cancer


Ladies you can kiss getting mammograms goodbye thanks to this incredible sports bra! Using a data controller and the many integrated sensors, it can watch for irregularities, which might be  tumor growth. Trail tests have been showing that this bra is incredibly accurate and may be able to detect cancerous growth up to 6 years sooner than mammograms or self-exams (mind blowing)!



The sports bra features a variety of small micro sensors that tracks the temperature of the breasts. The bra is connected to a controller, where sensors monitors and analyze the data and points out any irregularities. The blood vessels create a very distinctive heat pattern that allows  the tumor to be found years before the tumor becomes visible in a modern day mammogram. Any jump in temperature in a specific area indicate the growth of cancerous cells, which the device would then alert your physician.

U.S. patents have been given to First Warning Systems, the company behind the bra. In 3 trials involving 650 participants of all ages; researchers found that the sports bra offers a far greater level of accuracy than is possible with traditional mammograms, with an accuracy rate above 90%!!!  First Warning Systems will market the BSE bra in Europe 2013, with USA in 2014 pending FDA approval.


via First Warning Systems