Standing Ab Workout (Video)

Checkout this great standing ab routine by Jeff from ATHLEAN-X™.

Ab workouts are usually performed either on the floor, on a bench or hanging from a bar. However, if you really want to get a ripped six pack you need to add a standing ab workout to your arsenal. In this video, I show you a complete abs workout you can do while standing on your feet.

Ground based training are a staple of athletic workouts. Athletes know that the minute you stand on your feet you start working muscles that prefer to work together, as they prefer to work together…as one kinetic chain. When you generate force in your feet, it transfers up that chain through your abs and to your upper extremities. No movement is possible without first being transferred either directly or via the stability of the abdominals.

We can take advantage of this fact by putting together a standing ab workout and including only ab exercises that are performed on your feet. In this workout I include the following:

  • Standing Russian Twists
  • Oak Tree Stepouts
  • Standing Tubing Twists
  • Leaning Towers (Standing Side Planks)
  • Reverse Woodchoppers
  • Slingshot Knee Drives

In one complete ab circuit, without resting, you can prove to yourself just how effective standing ab workouts can be in lighting up your abs. See if you can get through the entire workout without taking a single second rest. Sure, you may have to work up to this but keep in mind you will get a few brief seconds during your transition from one exercise to the other.

The key point is, regardless of how many times you need to rest (as you may be very new to standing ab workouts) just be sure to do this. Incorporating standing ab exercises into your ab workouts is key if you want to see the most complete, transferrable development of your abdominals. Relying on traditional floor and hanging bar workouts is simply not enough, not if you want to sculpt a truly impressive and strong set of abs.