Staying Lean Through The Holidays

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The Holidays can be full of calories and while it is okay to have a little pie in celebration, you don’t want to overdo it on the whole dinner itself. The average Christmas meal is around 3,000 calories. That is more than most people should eat in an entire day. Not to fret though, you can still go to grandma’s house and enjoy your delicious meal without stuffing yourself like a turkey. Here are a few tips to keep your holidays on the lean side.

Say Yes to Breakfast

You may think that skipping breakfast to lower your daily calorie intake is a good idea, but this plan can easily backfire. Showing up to a feast of all feasts starving is a really bad idea. If you haven’t eaten all day you are more likely to overeat. Be sure to eat a healthy, low-calorie breakfast or have a protein shake to start your day. This way, you will be less likely to run into the family gathering ready to stuff your face.

Stay Active

Holiday parties tend to focus mostly on the buttery treats and sugary drinks, but make the entire day an event by planning an activity with your family that gets you up and moving. Take your family sledding or go ice skating during the day.

It’s even a great idea to go for a walk after dinner. Just because it is a holiday doesn’t mean you should throw your exercise routine out the door. Wake up and go for your regular jog or hit the gym. Staying active throughout the day will keep you from feeling stuffed and bloated.

One and Done

Christmas comes around once a year, so of course it’s fine to have a plate of honey glazed ham and a side of cheesy potatoes. But, one is enough. Don’t go back for seconds – even if you just want more veggies or meat. Stick to a single serving. Stuffing yourself will lead to feeling full all day long. That full feeling makes being active difficult. Having a single plate will help you better enjoy the day.

Know Your Pies

If you are going to have dessert, have pumpkin pie. Not only is it a perfect holiday treat, it is the pie with the fewest calories. The holidays are a time for families to celebrate. It is okay to just that with a little dessert, just make the lower calorie choice.

Smart Choices

A Christmas buffet is full of choices. Approach the buffet with a healthy mindset. Of course you can have your favorites, but be smart about what and how much you are putting on your plate. Keep a large portion of your plate reserved for veggies. If your favorites are high calorie items, feel free to put them on your plate. However, keep your portions small.



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Susana Rosales is a diet and fitness fanatic. She loves to work out and enjoys staying lean and healthy. Follow her on Google+