Strong Man Removes A Car From The Bike Lane In The Best Way (Video)

This Video from Brazil in which one strong cyclist lifts a car parked on bicycle path.

Video of a very large man dead-lifting a car parked in the middle of a bike path emerged Monday. Metro‘s Richard Hartley-Parkinsonreported that the incident was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden, although I’ve been told this took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil—which is very much not Sweden.

Anyway, what we do know for sure is this man moved a sub-compact car like he was rearranging beach chairs. It appears the car’s owner (possible the guy in the white shirt) may have walked in at the end to offer to move the car.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I can back ou-…welp…just pick it up then, I guess. Picking it up works, too.”

The one common lament here is that the giant man didn’t ring his bell twice as he rode off, which is a shame. On the other hand, the fact that this guy didn’t find dead-lifting a car remarkable enough to gloat over says volumes.

via Bleacher Report