Student Ditches Quest To Be Skinny And Turned To Bodybuilding


Sarah-Louise Hawkins had tried every fad diet there was. But after years of failed cleanses and juice detoxes, Sarah-Louise ditched her dreams of looking like a skinny model and turned to bodybuilding instead. Before Sarah-Louise, who says she used to hate her appearance, is now so proud of her tight figure.


Sarah-Louise (pictured left before she started working out) decided to start bodybuilding in March 2013, and has managed to totally change her body (pictured right, as she is now), finally gaining self acceptance.

At her heaviest, the petite 5ft 2in blonde tipped the scales at 12st 2lb and was a size 16. She now boasts an impressive 9st 10lb physique and is a muscular size 8 to 10.  Full time student nurse, Sarah-Louise, 22, from Chester, says: ‘I used to hate how I looked, it would depress me on a daily basis. ‘I was always the bigger one out of my friends and I just felt so low, it stopped me from going out. ‘I had tried every diet – Slimfast, Weight Watchers, Atkins, the 5:2 plan, Master Cleanse and juicing detoxes. I even tried literally not eating.



‘I battled with these fad diets for years, even in high school. I was always looking for that quick fix – just anything to see the scales move, but it was all rubbish. ‘It has taken me years of battling to accept that I don’t have the frame to be a skinny girl and I’m not built like catwalk models. ‘I have thick thighs, a bum and abs and that’s okay now. I’ve realized that I can use these attributes to my advantage and I’ve built something incredible with what I was born with.’ Single Sarah-Louise decided to start bodybuilding in March 2013, after seeing unflattering photos of herself. She says: ‘I decided to get into shape after the usual scenario of seeing myself in holiday pictures and going into changing rooms and just feeling absolutely awful about myself.


 ‘So I joined a gym and attended a few exercise classes. I began to really get ‘the bug’ for training.’I started looking at pictures of fitness athletes and dreaming of myself being like that. I thought, why not me?’ With the help of personal trainers, Sarah-Louise drew up a nutrition and fitness plan to build more muscle. She swapped junk food for six healthy meals a day and five workouts per week – shedding two and a half stone in the process. ‘The plan the trainers devised, really educated me on what the body need to function and what I needed to repair my slow metabolism after all the years of fad diets. ‘I began taking my nutrition seriously. Despite a few hiccups in the first weeks, I stuck solidly to the diet plan and started seeing weight loss and definition.


via Daily Mail