Summertime Training – Top Tips for Warm Weather Workouts


The arrival of the summer heralds the perfect time for millions to dust off their trainers and get out and about – all hoping to get their bods in shape for the balmy August to come. However, this is not time to be hasty according to the UK’s leading personal trainers who advise caution when looking to work out in the various heat-waves that keep hitting parts of Britain.

Here are a few example pearls of wisdom to help keep you safe this summer:

Failing Footwear

First up, never forget that the shoes your wear to go running will respond to the temperatures outside just like pretty much every other material on the planet. And what this means for those insisting on bargain-basement kit is a very real chance of shoes that will soften, lose their rigidity and perhaps cause a pretty serious hazard in their own right while pounding the hot city pavements. It sounds silly to some and obvious to others, but it’s a good idea to forego stepping out until you’ve got the welfare of your feet well and truly covered.

Breathe It In

Depending on where you live, there are certain times over the summer when training in the great outdoors just isn’t the best idea. Smog and air pollution can hit dangerous levels literally overnight and pass away just as quickly, so if living in an urban centre it’s always wise to keep an eye on pollution levels which you should be able to find easily online. When it’s bad, just train indoors instead.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Next up, never forget that very few athletes other than seasoned pros are able to perform as well during baking summer sun as they are when it’s nice and cool – amateurs have no chances. Trying to do so can earn you a one-way ticket to the emergency room as the punishment on your body becomes unbearable, so tone down your workouts accordingly when the sun’s doing its business.


Two litres a day is your recommended minimum during the colder months when you’re not sweating yourself half to death – it should be pretty obvious that you need to seriously up your water into in the summer.



By Lisa Morton

 Lisa Morton had her life turned around by Tim Hayes Fitness and she now spends her time working on various community projects to help do the same for others.