Superpump Max Review


Today’s supplement review is on the well known Super Pump Max by Gaspari nutrition.First lets look at its key ingredients:


Benefits of these are:
Citrulline- supports cardiovascular health,liver and sexual health. And supports exercise recovery.

Leucine- helps stimulate protein synthesis and triggers muscle growth.

Carnipure- promotes fat burning and reduces muscle soreness.

Creatine- helps you train harder and longer.

I started taking this product about three weeks ago and was very interested to see if it truly is as good as they say.
Taste wise I found it very nice, I had fruit punch and this had a pleasant sour fizz to it. On the mixing side you can’t go wrong, only a couple shakes and your ready to go.

I would advice you to follow gaspari’s directions and take just one scoop on your first workout, as when I first opened it I thought well iv done similar products il just go straight to two scoops but sadly I just felt bloated and had a headache through out my workout.

I then reduced my serving size to one scoop for the next two workouts and this worked much better. I was feeling more energetic and was fitting a few more reps in my sets. So a good start so far.
On my fourth workout I decided to go back to 2 scoops. This time I didn’t feel bloated and felt like I was ready to get to gym and beat some personal bests. I went in the gym and before you know it I had beaten my 1reps  Max’s on nearly all my presses and lifts. It was a great feeling,my focus was spot on, my strength had increased and my endurance increased massively. I’d finish my workout and feel ready to do it all again.

I found for me it would take about ten minutes to kick and and I’d feel pumped and rushing for about a hour. And due to its lower content of caffeine you don’t get a  crash when you get home. The focus was brilliant as long as I didn’t talk to some one for a few minutes, as I found I would lose that rushing momentum if I done so, As long as I kept on going It would carry on fuelling me.
Gaspari have done very well with making Super Pump Max different from some other pre workout supplements because the rush and pump you get feels very natural and real. Not like others where you sweating and shaking.

Over all I would recommend this supplement to anyone wanting a boost to help you reach the goals you want. If its to bulk up or get shredded it will help. I truly say it does what it claims. Users will gain strength gains and endurance gains. And also some nice vascularity. So next time you feel like you want that nudge to get you going then add Super Pump Max in your routine.

In my next review I shall compare another pre work out product and compare it to super pump max to compare there different benefits. So keep posted thank you.