Supplements to Have Before Bed



Much has been said about the effects of late night eating, but many overlook the importance of getting a good pre-bed supplement regime. Look at it this way: If recovery is a 24 hour process and you’re only tending to 2-3 hours of that process post workout, you’re ignoring a large window of recovery that could bring with it much better results. Which is why, if you really want to step your progress up, you must consider your body’s needs throughout the day. This includes the 6-8 hours you spend sleeping, as your body needs nutrients then as badly as it does after your training sessions.


Casein Protein Powder

Topping the list of supplements to consider using before bed is casein protein powder.   Providing your muscles with protein before its overnight fast is important for promoting better muscular repair and recovery, while keeping you out of a catabolic state. Catabolism occurs when your muscles lack the necessary fuel and are forced to break down muscle tissue to perform bodily functions. Yeah, not ideal when trying to put on, or retain, mass.

Casein protein powder is specially formulated to slowly digest in the body, consequently releasing a steady stream of amino acids over 6-8 hours instead of immediately after consumption. That effect also makes casein ideal for controlling hunger levels as your body is being fed consistently over a longer period of time.


The second pre-bed supplement to consider, especially if you have trouble sleeping, is melatonin.  This naturally occurring hormone both regulates your sleep cycles, and induces a deeper sleep state. Since high quality, deep, sleep is critical to any athlete’s strong recovery between hard training sessions melatonin can help give you the rest needed. It’s also worth noting melatonin is far healthier than using one of the sleeping medications available.


Another supplement to add to your pre-bed stack is ZMA.   This mineral supplement, like melatonin, has been shown to increase the quality of your sleep while possibly boosting natural testosterone levels. The only thing to consider when taking ZMA is, if you’re taking casein, to have ZMA 30 min before (or two hours after), as casein’s calcium will block the absorption of zinc in ZMA. That said, the combination of the two will help you sleep better and thus recover faster.


Finally, the last supplement to use before bed is glutamine.   Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a key role in the immune system, enhancing the amount of recovery you see daily. This is particularly important for those both training intensely, and leading a relatively high stress lifestyle. While glutamine should also be taken immediately after the workout session, adding an additional 10 grams or so before bed will really make a noticeable difference in how fast you complete the repair process.

And those are the top supplements on the market today to help you recover, add lean muscle mass, and grow as strong as possible for before bed.  Remember that supplements will never replace a good diet in fostering proper recovery and enhancing your overall well-being, but these products will definitely offer clear benefits when added to a smart nutrition plan.


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