Susan Powter Tears the ‘Fat Acceptance’ Culture/Community Apart (Video)

Susan Powter fitness guide, video and workout article.

Susan Powter presents the following statement:

I do not wish to mock, as mocking serves no positive or proactive purpose. Mocking is about building one’s self up by tearing down another, and has no place on a gym flow, we are devoted to self-improvement.

However, there is also value in not mincing words to someone in denial. Truth, however painful, remains truth. Fat Acceptance, as a concept, is a manifestation of denial and could, if unchallenged by truth, ultimately bring harm through misinformation and further denial. Fatness is not simply another way of being, no more or less healthy than any other. Obesity is a disease, and diseases damage those afflicted and require treatment to cease doing so. In short, I agree with thisĀ  video to a point. Mocking is not constructive, but neither is coddling.

Link to the LargerThanLife Blog shes ranting about.