Sweating For The Wedding: Six Tips On Getting Fit for Your Wedding The Healthy Way

Sweating For The Wedding Six Tips On Getting Fit for Your Wedding The Healthy Way


Love is in the air! Your wedding day is right around the corner and there is much to do. Maybe you are thinking about losing a few pounds or refreshing yourself with healthier fitness habits. Most brides want to look better than every for their big day, but this is not the time to try any crash diets or extreme workout routines. There are some things you can do to stay healthy and look your best in a healthy way


Envision the Big Day

Think about your big day and what is most important to you. Set goals based on how you envision yourself looking as a bride. Write down your goals and things you want to achieve. Take into account the time you have to meet these goals. For example, if you engagement will be a couple years long, you can have more drastic goals than someone who plans to tie the knot in six months.


Think Routine

Set yourself a daily schedule for your fitness and dieting goals. Go for a walk the same time everyday. Scheduled your meals and snacks in advance. If you write things down and stick to your schedule you are more likely to succeed. If you don’t have a solid plan it’s easy to snack on junk food or miss your daily workout.


Plan Ahead

Planning a fitness routine ahead of time is a great wellness strategy. Daily walks, weight resistance, martial arts and yoga classes are just a few options which will give your body everything it needs for a healthy physique. Don’t wait until the last minute. You won’t get results if you wait till a few weeks before the big day to start working out. On top of that, your muscles need time to adjust and recover from your new workout routine. You don’t want store calves to keep you from gracefully walking down the aisle on your big day! You also need to allow time for your body to settle and to make sure that your dress will fit you well. Leave enough time after meeting your weight loss goals to get that gorgeous Jim Hjelm wedding dress fitting perfectly for you!


Your Body Needs Fuel

For a comfortably fitted gown, developing healthier snack and meal time strategies by including clean, whole foods into daily routines enhances weight loss efforts more effectively than crash dieting. Crash dieting is a poor option, as well as a short-term result which can negatively affect muscle fibers and metabolism. There are many negative affects of crash dieting. You will lose your energy and may show signs of it on your skin with acne or dark circles under your eyes.


A Little Weight Lifting Goes a Long Way

If resistance training hasn’t occurred to you, this one is worth the weight. Showing off beautiful skin and toned arms can happen with a little weight-bearing effort. This tip will surprise you in a good way with very little elbow grease. If your goal is to look toned, rather than lose weight, a little weight lifting is the perfect solution. Your arms will look great in that strapless gown!


Walk Away Pounds and Stress

Walking is great for reducing weight and stress. If walking isn’t an option, explore other cardiovascular methods. Get that heart pumping for superior blood flow, a healthy glow all over and plenty of wedding night benefits to boot! Walking will not only help you tone up and look great, but a good walk outside will help you escape from stressful wedding planning or wedding day jitters.


Now is the time to pamper yourself with healthful fitness solutions for the wedding experience you always imagined. Remember, fitness isn’t just about losing weight and building muscle. Overall fitness takes care of the whole body, mind and soul. Make this the most amazing day you deserve by incorporating healthy fitness options you enjoy. Walk into the sunset of love together getting and staying fit the healthy way.