Swedish Man Arrested After Cops Say His Muscles Are Too Big 


Police stopped a man walking down the street in Malmo, Sweden, because they thought he was “unusually large,”. They questioned the musclebound guy about whether he used steroids and if he had any. The man evaded the questions, prompting police to search his apartment.

After finding nearly 20,000 pills and various bottles of performance enhancing drugs at his apartment, police in Malmo, Sweden, accused him of doping and dealing the banned substances.

Although in court he admitted to using several of the steroids himself, the man denied any intention of selling them, Swedish English-language news website The Local revealed.

But the court found against the defendant after officers discovered 150,000 kronor (£16,000) in his apartment and text messages that showed he had been in contact with potential buyers.

Officials sentenced him to one year and nine months in prison.

A woman, who also lived in the two-room apartment but denied any involvement in dealing the substances, was also jailed by the court for 18 months.

The case follows that of another muscular man who was hauled in for steroid testing in April this year, according to The Local.

Police on that occasion were warned by Sweden’s Justice Ombudsman that big muscles are not sufficient grounds for arrest or to suspect someone of taking performance enhancing drugs.


via The Local