Switch Up Your Exercise Routine To Avoid Plateauing

Running on treadmill

Getting fit in a gym involves following a series of exercises in a routine. The routine may be devised by trainers at the gym, especially for someone who is new to training in this way. Trainers will take into account the level of fitness of the client, their age and general health.

An exercise routine may be devised by the person doing the workout, or may be adopted from one of the many routines available online or from various health and fitness organisations.

But once someone has started and is exercising regularly, how long will they follow this specific exercise routine?

Reaching a Plateau

It sometimes seems as though an exercise routine can take your fitness to a certain level and then there seems to be a halt to any further improvement, as though it has reached a plateau. In the first few days or weeks of regular exercise, there is pain and tiredness. Then it starts to get easier, although it still feels as though the body needs to make an effort to complete the routine. But over time, it starts to feel that the body doesn’t have to work as hard at these exercises as it did at the beginning; they are no longer challenging and so there is no further improvement in fitness. To carry on improving, something has to change.

Different components of the routine can be repeated more often, the period of resting time between activities can be reduced, or heavier weights can be lifted. Any of these will create that challenge that the body experienced at the start. In a gym there may be other options, such as changing the routine or using different equipment. If exercises are to be done more frequently, then advice is needed to ensure that resting periods are sufficient to allow the muscles to recover.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Even for exercise, variety is essential. So what can be done to stop the exercise routine from becoming boring? If someone is performing the same activities week after week, there is the chance that this can become dull and boring, making it difficult to stay motivated. Of course, this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Some people doing exercises may stay focused on the training, or almost use it as a kind of meditation.

But if it starts to seem tedious and if there is a reluctance to go to the gym, then it may be that a different routine is needed to keep interest and motivation. An exercise routine performed when someone is bored is likely to be done in a rushed manner and its effectiveness will be reduced. This can be the start of a downward spiral as the exercise becomes less effective and any satisfaction from and improving fitness level is diminished. Both the person who is exercising and their trainer should be aware that this can happen.

Every so often, a change to your exercise routine is advisable, both to keep you motivated and to continue to improve your fitness level.