Tabata Interval Training aka The Worlds Fastest Workout! (Video)



The Tabata protocol is a high-intensity training regimen that produces remarkable results. A Tabata workout (also called a Tabata sequence) is an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause 8 times for a total of four minutes. In a group context, you can keep score by counting how many lifts/jumps/whatever you do in each of the 20 second rounds. The round with the smallest number is your score.

Tabata Protocol is a type of high intensity interval training created by Professor Izumi Tabata of Japan. This fat burning workout consists of repetitions of 20 seconds of extremely intense interval training followed by 10 seconds of rest. This routine is repeated for a total of 2 times, which is equal to 4 minutes. This is an advanced workout that should only be completed by adults healthy enough to sustain high levels of intensity for 4 or more minutes.
Tabata training has been shown to increase athletic performance by improving endurance and speed. If you have little time but a desire to burn fat and build endurance, Tabata Protocol is for you. In Dr. Tabata’s original study athletes using the Tabata method trained 4 times per week, plus another day of steady-state training, and obtained gains similar to a group of athletes who did steady state (70% VO2max) training 5 times per week. Many experts believe Tabata Protocol continues to burn fat for up to 36 hours after a 4 minute workout. Now that’s 4 minutes well spent!


Here’s how it’s done:

Warm up for 5 minutes, examples: walk in place with arms moving back and forth and knees high or go for a slow jog.
Perform 20 seconds of ultra intensity training. Give it 100%. In other words, push as hard and as fast as you are capable of going. If you are using cardio equipment such as a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical machine, place it on manual and perform the 20 second intervals at a level difficult enough to be extremely challenging.
Rest or move slowly for 10 seconds.
Repeat the 20 and 10 second intervals 7 times for a total of 8, or 4 complete minutes.
Here’s the breakdown:

Complete routine 2 times

20 seconds for exercise + 10 seconds rest = 30 seconds

30 x 8 = 240 seconds / 60 seconds = 4 minutes
Cool down for 5 minutes by walking or going for a slow jog.





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