Taking Care of Your Body Inside and Out


We all like to look and feel healthy, in fact, many people think of their health and fitness as being one of their life’s main concerns. Staying fit and healthy is actually quite a lot easier than many people think and does not require spending lengthy hours in the gym or running for miles every day.

Staying healthy means basically looking after your body and getting into routines, which will help to promote physical health and cell repair. This can be easily achieved without the aid of expensive equipment or dietary supplements.

To help you understand more about health and fitness we have put together a short list of some of the most important daily dos and don’ts.

1. Rest

We all need our daily rest, many doctors even advise as much as 9 hours a day for a complete bodily recharge. Of course, many of us have busy schedules, which make late nights sometimes unavoidable. However, if you get some early nights in, you will immediately feel more energised and alert.

2. Avoid Simple Carbs

Most people do have a sweet tooth, which makes avoiding sweet foods at times quite difficult. However, if you can switch to fruit or honey based food when you experience an urge for something sweet, you will start to loose weight and your skin will start to look healthier.

3. Improve Your Skin

You can easily improve your skin tone and look by using some good organic moisturisers and cleansing creams. Most have added nutrients to assist the skin cells to repair themselves. You can visit Beautorium or other similar websites and browse through their incredible ranges of organic creams and lotions.

4. Stay Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated if you want to look and feel healthy. This means drinking at least five glasses of water a day and even more when the weather warms up during the summer months. Soft drinks may quench your thirst but many contain high levels of sugar and do not really help to rehydrate you.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise will help to stimulate your blood circulation, which in turn helps to pass oxygen and nutrients around your body. You do not need to train for a marathon as just simple exercises like playing with the kids is enough to improve circulation. This is especially important for people that spend long hours behind a desk or sitting down.

6. Stress

Try not to get too stressed or worry too much. Stress can lead to a number of illnesses from heart disease to high blood pressure. There are, of course times when stressful situations arise that are difficult to avoid, but by practising simple yoga or breathing exercises you can reduce your stress to manageable levels.

7.  Smoking

If you are a smoker, you are damaging your health. So, if you are concerned about your health and wellbeing, giving up the habit would make you feel a lot healthier and more energised. There are many alternatives to smoking such as nicotine chewing gum and e-cigarettes, which can replace the habit until you are ready to quit.

8. Detox

You don’t need to go to a clinic to detoxify your body. A few cups of green tea a day will help your body’s natural detoxification process. Drinking plenty of water also helps as it flushes the body of toxins. A days fasting can also help with the detoxification process but you should really consult your local GP before you try this.

9. Avoid Processed Foods

If you want to be healthy and stay healthy, you should avoid eating to many processed foods. Anything that comes in box precooked will generally lack the nutrients and minerals that are present in freshly cooked vegetables and meats. Of course, it’s ok to eat processed food, but if you make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of these foods in your diet, the more healthy and energised you will feel.

Staying healthy is all about the choices we make on a daily basis. Most of us have the ability to select what we put into our bodies, so at the end of the day good health is merely an individuals personal choice.




Author Bio:

Audrey Smith is a freelance writer for Beautorium, a North Carolina-based business specialising in providing organic beauty products. Their range of face and hair care items can be found on www.beautorium.com.