Taking Your Exercise From Intermediate To Advance


The transition period is important, no matter whether you’re leaving your high school and take admission in college or it is a transition period of ages, or even you step up your exercise from beginner level to intermediate/advance level – one thing is very much common for all of them, that is – you must extremely careful during that period. It may be about selecting your college, subject or the exercises! If the selection is wrong, then your all effort doesn’t make any sense!

As mentioned earlier, the transition period is very crucial and there are some specific rules also applicable while you level up your exercise –

You MUST Have An Instructor – this is the golden rule always keep in mind while you move forward towards advance training. The main reason of it is – advance training includes heavy weight lifting along with the intense training schedule. It is very common that, during that session an experienced person can help you a lot, not only by providing the right information about proper weight that you must use during the training, it is also important for your safety, Because while you’re using heavy weights with risky exercises like bench press, you must need someone to help you to avoid any injuries.

Buy Some Accessories – unlike beginners, invest in some accessories like gloves and wraps. A glove keeps your hand smooth and ensures a better grip while wraps protects your wrists. Usually, they’re not even very costly. Additionally, it is also recommended that, you must buy some belts that are commonly used by the bodybuilders and weightlifters. You can find them nearby sports store or you can order through online. But make sure that, they’re good in quality and scientifically manufactured and completely fit into your body.

Learn Techniques – bodybuilding NOT about lifting more weights! It’s something more. It’s all about techniques. Do you ever think – how a martial art player easily pushes back many other players? Well, it’s nothing but technique and bodybuilding is not beyond of it. That’s why, it is recommended that, learn all the techniques before lifting much volume, because if you don’t know the right technique, then probably you may not get the complete results.

Increase Volume – it is another MUST have while you level up, Because for long days you only exercise with low volume, not its time to increase the weight and put some more stress on your muscles. The logic behind increasing weight is – until you increase your weight volume, your muscles can’t be torn and new muscles are not generated, not only that, gradually increasing weight also increase the stability and stamina. However, increasing weight volume is NOT enough, additionally, you must increase the exercise repetitions, like previously, you do 6 repeats, not gradually increase it 8-10 repeats and later on 12-15 repeats.

Finally, don’t forget the micronutrients, i.e. instead of large meals, try a small amount of food after each 3 hours. Alternatively, have some supplements like – protein shakes during the day and casein proteins at night. Because according to your higher exercise levels you also need more calories.