Teen Gets Banned From Gym For Publicly Mocking Other Gym-Goers on Facebook



An Australian teen is no longer allowed at his local gym. a place to tone his temple thanks to people getting all upset over his Facebook posts entitled, “Awkward Kunts at YOUR Local Gym,”

According to the Daily Dot:

An iPad-wielding Australian man has been banned from his local gym after he covertly captured photos of patrons working out and posted them to Facebook to mock them.

The unidentified jerk from Queensland, the second-largest state in Australia, was kicked out after 4chan and Reddit users posted screengrabs of the man’s Facebook activity.

“Here we see the amazing chicken man,” the man wrote on Facebook. “His 2% bodyfat is admired by bodybuilders and bulimic teenage girls alike.”

This post inspired Reddit’s r/fitness and 4chan’s /fit/ to track down his personal information so they could share his posts. Someone from either community spoke with the man’s mother, who then contacted the gym owner to notify him of the photos.

But the fun didn’t end there. Apparently the guy’s own mother ratted him out to the gym owner and cut him off financially over the whole thing.