Teen Girl Does A Plank For A Record-Breaking Hour and 20 Minutes (Video)

Teen Girl Does A Plank For A Record-Breaking Hour and 20 Minutes (Video)


On April 19th 2014, Gabi broke the world record for longest plank held by a female. Planking involves getting on the floor propped up on elbows and toes in a straight line while engaging the abdominal muscles to stay in a straight line.¬†Gabi held that position for one hour and 20 minutes. The impressive time should earn her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s something Gabi has wanted for a long time.

“Around fifth grade, I became very interested in breaking a Guinness World Record,” Gabi states on her website.

But the 16-year-old doesn’t just plank to achieve her personal goals. She planks to raise money for a worthy cause: Children’s Hospital Colorado.

“Children’s Hospital helped me lead a fairly normal lifestyle, so in turn, I am raising money and awareness for them,” Gabi said.

She shares details of her medical and physical struggles on her website.

“I was born with VATER syndrome. VATER affects my spine, muscles, and limbs. I have pretty serious scoliosis and am missing some of my muscles (calf, gluts, and part of my abs),” Gabi writes.

Gabi broke the world record in an effort to raise $20,000 for Children’s Hospital. She’s already reached her goal, but the fundraising continues.


To help Gabi continue to exceed her goal by contributing to her cause, visit: http://bit.ly/1lC0Ws2.


via 9 News