Family’s Angry Over School Lunch Reveals More Widespread Issues (Video)


Angry parents in Chickasha, Okoholma complain their kids aren’t getting enough to eat at school. The Holton family says the meal the district calls a “Munchable” is ridiculous and family members say it needs to change. The meal that daughter Kaytlin Shelton took a photo of Monday consists of lunch meat, a couple crackers, a slice of cheese and two pieces of cauliflower. Schools in Chickasha serve it every other week.

A photograph of a skimpy school lunch is stirring outrage online, much of it aimed at first lady and fitness guru Michelle Obama. An Oklahoma teen reportedly snapped the picture of her lunch and shared it with a TV station in Oklahoma City. The lunch left more than the girl’s stomach grumbling. Conservative blogs picked up the story, blaming new nutrition rules championed by Mrs. Obama for the teen’s meager meal. Could this lunch really be the new standard? Not really, Diane Pratt-Heavner at the School Nutrition Association said.

The meal technically meets the requirements of what students must take under new standards, but the teen should have been offered more, she said. A cup of fruit and a cup of milk should have been on the menu to complete a meal with a minimum of 750 calories to comply with federal standards. “This particular meal is not typical,” Pratt-Heavner said. But as schools move from pizza and french fries to salads and sandwiches, students are complaining about getting hungry in the afternoon in some cases.The School Nutrition Association wants the government to tweak the standards to allow more options in the cafeteria, while still keeping calorie maximums.

Here’s what must be on the menu in high schools:

1 cup of fruit

1 cup of vegetables

2 ounces of grain

2 ounces of meat or meat alternative

1 cup of milk


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