Teenager With Severely Curved Spine Is Now Pain Free After Shunning Drastic Surgery In Favour Of Exercises



Heidi Griffins was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine – or scoliosis – three years ago and was told she would need major spinal surgery to place metal rods in her back. If she had chosen to have surgery she would have had metal rods inserted into her back, before having her spine fused. Very frustrated with the lack of options and terrified of what the future could hold for her daughter, Heidi’s mother, Clare, investigated alternative treatments, before eventually discovering the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London.

Set up more than seven years ago by Erika Maude, a former scoliosis patient, the clinic has helped hundreds of sufferers through the problem by teaching them exercises which improve their posture. The exercises vary depending on the severity of the condition. Within a week of starting an intensive four-week treatment course, Heidi started to notice a difference, with less pain across her back and an improvement in her breathing capacity.

Heidi, from Durham, said: ‘When I was told that I had scoliosis, I didn’t really understand to start with.  ‘No one ever sat me down and explained what was going on in my back until I got to the SOS clinic.

Instead of the operation, Heidi opted to take part in a four week exercise programme in London and she is now pain free and able to return to playing tennis. ‘The staff at the SOS clinic were amazing, they made me feel normal again. ‘They also encouraged me to carry on living a normal life when all of the specialists at the hospital were telling me that I needed to be careful and not put too much pressure on my body by doing too much sport.

‘The exercises weren’t hard – you just had to think about what you were doing. ‘I am the sort of person to put 100 per cent into everything I do and I believe that’s why I got such good results. I cannot wait to get back to playing tennis.’

Heidi, together with her family are now working to raise awareness of scoliosis and the alternatives to surgery.





via Daily Mail