Ten Foods To Avoid While Dieting


It does not matter if you are on a diet plan or not. There are specific foods that we consider damaging for health and that should be avoided. Eating a healthy diet which helps to get rid of surplus calories, fats and sugars is better than to drink weight loss shakes and miss meals. If you do not avoid these foods, you will not only gain weight but also cause damage to your own health.


Fried Foods


Fried Foods are full of artificial fats like trans-fat or partially hydrogenated oil. These artificial fats are made from hydrogen ions that react with cooking oil. Though trans-fats increase shelf life, they should be avoided. Foods like French fries, potato chips and donuts are not only full of trans-fat but are also loaded with sodium and the saturated fats. All these fats and salts are changed into cholesterol and glucose. These at the end are stocked up into your liver. Raised cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, uncontrollable sugar in the blood, excess weight and heart diseases originated from the bad fats in fried foods.




Losing weight needs avoiding dairy products particularly those made up of whole instead of skimmed milk. In yogurt choose the plain, low fat type with no extra ingredients. Processed cheese is rich in saturated fat, cholesterol, total fat and sodium and must be avoided. Instead of this go for the real thing in moderation.


Fruit Juice


You need to stay away from fruit punches, sweetened tea and even the fresh 100 percent fruit juices as they are high in sugar and loaded with calories. Though these juices provide minerals and vitamins they do not have any dietary fiber. Instead choose fresh fruit.


Processed Meats


Sausage, bacon, pepperoni, lunch meat, hot dogs and other products salted, cured or smoked are what we call processed meats. Preservatives found in these hinder your natural system of digestion. They are also rich in sodium, cholesterol and fat. Eating these will add to your waist. Also these will boost risks of cancer, hyper tension and heart disease.




Alcohol is packed with empty calories and zero nutritional value and hence be avoided.




Dieting does not mean avoid snacking habit as it keeps your metabolism running the whole day. It also keeps you away from overeating. It is thr kind of snack food that should be chosen wisely. You need to stay away from muffins, cookies, cakes, crackers, chips and snack mixes. Go for fruits and vegetables for snacking.


Regular Soda


Though it is low in fat, it still contains a lot of sugars. Each 12 oz. holds app. 7 tsp sugar and thus 140 calories. Soft drinks have caffeine, sweeteners and fructose corn syrup in high quantities. They offer no nutrients only weight gain. They also raise risk level of cardiovascular disease, tooth decay and diabetes.


Refined Grains


Refined grains like pasta are deprived of all nutrients while processed and also are loaded with unneeded sugars and calories. Instead  eat whole grains , they make you feel fuller.


Some Soup Types


Soups that are canned and also instant ones are high in salt. To lose weight make your own soup that is low in sodium.




We often overlook these Salad dressings, cream, oil, mayo and various sauces should be avoided to avoid extra calories.