Ten Killer tips to live a healthy life without Major Exercises


Did you know that you can live a healthy life without major exercises? Well, it is possible to stay fit and healthy without engaging in major exercises. Discussed below are 10killer tips to live a healthy life without major exercises.

Cut on Your Calories Intake

You should have a diet plan that will enable you to take lesser calories than you burn. This will ensure that you do not have layers of unwanted fats in your body even if you do not engage in major exercises. It is wise to cut the intake of calories gradually because if you cut the intake all of a sudden your body will tend to burn all available calories in your body which lead to a lower metabolism which is not healthy.

Drink Plenty of Water

Instead of taking several bottles of sodas everyday or sugar-rich drinks, take water. The most recommended is eight glasses per day; this will help you to stay hydrated and healthy as well. Water also helps to flush toxins out of your body system. It is also interesting to know that drinking plenty of water encourage building of muscles.

Engage in Light Exercises

There are both physical and mental benefits of exercising. Exercises like jogging, cycling, and brisk walking can help in a great way to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, strokes and so forth. These types of exercises also help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Engaging in these physical activities on a daily basis will improve your general health.

Take Smaller Portions of Foods

Instead of taking a whole plate of foods at once, it is recommended that you take smaller portions of foods over a span of time. This is because your body cannot metabolize huge portions of foods at once which make the body turn some chunk of foods into fats. Six small meals will be ideal as compared to three meals a day. When you achieve this, you will live a healthy life without engaging yourself in major exercises.

Take Large Portions of Proteins

Protein-rich foods will help to boost your body metabolism enabling it to burn unwanted fats fast. Protein-rich meal will also give you the necessary nutrients to maintain muscle leanness as well as help in building muscles. It is worth mentioning that the proteins you take should have low levels of fats. Legumes are the most recommended as compared to animal products like beef, chicken and fish.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a calorie-rich drink and when taking frequently it will add several pounds to your body. Alcohol also inhibits burning of fat which encourages the body to store more fats quickly. This is very risky because these layers of fats in your body will increase the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, strokes and so forth.

Eat more veggies and include unprocessed foods

Some people by design tend to avoid veggies in their diets. For a healthy living, these foods are healthy, green and indispensable. The thought of raw salads may send shivers down your spine if you do not know of the potential benefits that they bring to your body. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. It is advisable to start off with small portions and as the days go by, you increase the intakes.

Quality sleep

Sleep is an integral part of our life. Lack of sleep which is otherwise called insomnia is not only unhealthy but also posses a serious threat to our health. It is during sleep that your body recuperates and readies for the task lying ahead in the following day. After very tedious duties, your muscles need to relax and this happens while sleeping.

Engage in social meet ups

Human beings are social beings and there is an element of us that needs fellowship and social activities. Informal meetings with friends can help cheer up and lighten your day. Remember laughter makes use of lesser muscles that frowning.  The lesser the muscles you use the lesser worn out they will be and the longer you will live

Invest in meditation

Meditation is a very critical component of healthy living. Wholesome healthy living inculcates the body the mind and the soul. Where synchrony exists amongst these three components then the body is healthy. Unlike the body which is fed with food, the soul refreshes when the mind is emptied during meditation. Called yoga in other spiritual frontiers, meditation transcends the physical form and harnesses energy. It is the discipline of mediation that makes clear that which initially was vague. It also exercises the brain and cranial muscles.


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This article is about some tips that helps a person to live a healthy life without major exercise. The article is written by Victoria Middleton who is well known health blogger and has experience about diet guide.