Testosterone And HGH – Creating Synergy For Bodybuilding

Do you wish to start bodybuilding? So if you are a beginner and started pumping iron then it can easily be realized that muscles are hard to build but very easy to lose. During youth bodybuilding shows its obvious results, but the problems come when it is continued or started in later age. Getting older means your muscles are getting harder to build than in your younger age. So besides, doing strength training and intake of quality protein, what else can be helpful for building muscle in fast pace.

What is HGH Stack and Testosterone?

Most of the people know that testosterone is the special hormone that has the characteristics of being male. High levels of testosterone helps to build muscles in short time, burn belly fat quickly, elevate energy level and support sexual functions.

The low testosterone symptoms are depression, fatigue, lack of energy, weight gain, low sex drive and reduce muscle mass and strength. These signs appear after the age of 30 when the men testosterone level start decreasing at continuous pace of 1 to 2 percent per year.

At the other side, human growth hormone (HGH) are produced in pituitary gland is the fundamental hormone that plays critical role in supporting longevity. It promotes muscle growth and effective in quick burning of fat. HGH production also start decline at 30, thus leading to less bone density and muscles, enhance body fat and weight gain occur.

Therefore, if you want to improve your bodybuilding efforts without injecting steroids, you need to enhance testosterone and HGH levels. Replacing either of the hormones will benefit you and thus most of the people prefer testosterone therapy to boost energy levels and enhance sexual performance.

HGH and testosterone has compound effect, so it is far better to replace both of these hormones for optimal results in a very short time. Both of these hormones boost cell efficiency that in turn improve muscles building by boosting energy and encourage fat loss with enhance performance during sex.

Testosterone and HGH Stack for Bodybuilding Synergy

Synergy occurs when the combine effect of hormones are greater than the sum of their individual parts. So, use testosterone and HGH to achieve chemical synergy for bodybuilding. There are powerful HGH and testosterone supplements formulated to support tough training.

Testosterone supplements contain boosting ingredients for testosterone like DHEA, Nettle extract, saw palmetto, and zinc sulphate etc. HGH supplements include GABA, I-glutamine, I-isoleucine, I-tyrosine, I-valine, alpha GPC, mucuna pruriens and some more ingredients. You can find out more about injectable hgh for sale here. HGH stack and testosterone contains all these ingredients to maximize your results.


Bottom Line:

Gone are the days when a person would do intensive strength training, but due to poor diet or lack of knowledge about the physiology might reduce the lean mass. With advancement in medical science, the use of HGH and testosterone hormone works as a combo combination that can increase the benefits a person gains from intensive workout. Therefore, if you wish to reap the maximum fruits of body building, then use of testosterone and HGH therapy might be what you are looking for.