Testosterone Booster Reviews

Testosterone Booster Reviews

If you have the goal of muscle building, you are going to need to be making sure you are creating the hormonal environment that is necessary for optimal muscle growth. Far too many men over simplify the process. They think that if they just go into the gym and lift more weight, more size will come.

Often this is not the case at all. A few months pass by and they see slow to no results and next thing they know, frustration has set in and they are falling off the bandwagon.

If they would have just taken the time to ensure that the environment they were maintaining in their body was optimal for muscle building, they would have remedied the situation and seen the results they were after.

The problem is not with their training program or amount of effort. The problem is with their approach.

Fortunately, there is something that can be done to ensure you either get out of this situation if you’re in it, or make sure you never enter into that dreaded plateau in the first place.

The solution? A testosterone booster.

Let’s take a look at what these powerful products are, why you need ones, and the best ones in the industry.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

A testosterone booster is a supplement that is all-natural for the body and is going to help to stimulate a greater release of the hormone testosterone. In every male, testosterone will start to decline as he reaches the age of 30-35 and as it does, progress will start to slow. It should also be noted that the older you get, the more decline in testosterone production you will experience, as noted in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Since testosterone is the main hormone that makes a man a man, as you might imagine, as it declines, you’ll notice other side effects as well such as simply not feeling like yourself to a serious lack of libido and decline in sexual performance.

For any man who wants to keep feeling like his usual self, doing something to offset the natural testosterone decline is going to be incredibly important and that is precisely what a testosterone booster aims to do.

Why Are Testosterone Boosters Best Suited For?

While these products are primarily suited for men who are beyond the age of 30-35 and who are showing clear signs of testosterone reduction, don’t think that you can’t use them if you are younger. For some men, levels can start to decline as early as their mid-20’s, so if you see symptoms present themselves such as lack of strength, trouble with sexual performance, or feeling more tired than normal, you are going to be a great candidate for a testosterone booster.

These products are also not only for those who want to build incredible muscle size either. While they do definitely cater to those who want more mass gains, they work great for the weekend warrior who simply wants to improve his exercise performance or the man who is having problems in the bedroom.

Almost all of the top rated testosterone boosters will have positive benefits on the libido and sexual performance level, so this can definitely help remedy this embarrassing problem.

Now that you know more about what testosterone boosters are, it’s time to look at the top rated products in the industry.

The Top 3 Testosterone Boosters In The Industry

One thing that you must know right off the start is the fact that not all testosterone boosters are created equally. In fact, some are just going to waste your money and not deliver, while others will produce remarkable benefits that you notice both in and out of the gym.

By doing your research first, you make sure you end up with a product that fits into the latter category rather than the former.

Here are the top three testosterone boosters to consider.


Topping the list is the most powerful testosterone booster, TestoFuel. This product combines the well-proven ingredients for testosterone enhancement as shown by the Phytotherapy Research journal including the ZMA combination, tribulus, oyster extract, vitamin D, and Fenugreek.

This product also lists the full dosages of each ingredient in the product, giving you more confidence in what you are purchasing.  You’ll start to see results almost immediately upon taking it and most individuals also report no side effects as well. Users report improved strength, improved size, improved energy, improved sexual function, and also recover faster better as well.

To learn more about TestoFuel, read our full review: http://gymflow100.com/testofuel-product-review/

Maxx Test 300

Another testosterone booster you may want to consider is Maxx Test 300, which contains 4 different ingredients all aimed to help elevate your testosterone levels. This product is also designed to improve sexual performance and overall feelings of well-being. With ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus and Fenugreek, it’s an all natural product that should produce no side effects either.

It’s also been designed to help promote stronger bones as well, so if bone mass loss is something that concerns you, it’s a good choice to consider.


Finally, if you want a very basic product, the standard ZMA can also get the job done. This is going to be a far more cost-effective supplement as it is more simplified in nature (in TestoFuel, you’ll get ZMA plus other additional testosterone boosters).

For those on a budget though, this is your best bet. You won’t see as great of results from it, but it’s far better than some of the other stacked, pricier testosterone boosters out there that simply don’t deliver.

Things To Know While Using Testosterone Boosters

Once you pick up the testosterone booster you’re going to use, you should also be considering other things that you can be doing regularly to help elevate your natural testosterone release.

By making sure you are doing everything possible to experience higher testosterone, you stand a better chance of seeing the progress you desire.

First, make sure you are keeping your stress levels lower. If you are highly stressed on a regular basis, it’s going to significantly impair your ability to not only experience optimal testosterone release, but in addition to that, stay lean. High levels of stress will cause an increased risk of body fat accumulation, so if an ideal body composition is important to you, you should definitely take steps to manage stress.

Next, you also want to make sure you are getting good quality sleep. Sleep is vital to proper recovery, proper testosterone development, and a reduced release of cortisol. Cortisol serves to break muscle tissue down while testosterone serves to build it up, so it’ll counteract what you are aiming to achieve.

You also need to make sure you are getting sufficient amounts of healthy fats in your diet program. Very low fat diets – as well as very low calorie diets – are going to significantly hamper testosterone release and reduce your overall feeling of well-being. Remember, dietary fat will not make you gain body fat. It’s excess calories that you need to be concerned with.  Adding some dietary fat to your diet will help make sure your nutrient needs get met and that you function as optimally as you should.

Also be sure that you aren’t crashing dieting at any point. If getting leaner is the goal, do so slowly – aim for a reduction of around 250 calories per week. This will yield half a pound of fat loss, which is enough to ensure it is just fat loss and not muscle mass loss.

When it comes to your gym sessions, you’ll want to be putting in good effort with heavy weights. Don’t go light if you want more testosterone release. Heavy lifting coupled with slightly shorter rest periods is the ideal scenario for increasing your testosterone release.

Furthermore, don’t overdo cardio training either. Men who do hours of cardio training each week will almost always have lower testosterone levels than those who keep it to more moderate levels.

If you are worried about weight gain, check your diet, don’t add loads of cardio training.

So there you have the main points to know and remember about what you should be doing to maximize your testosterone release. It really will pay off to use the right, high quality supplement along with making some adjustments to your diet and workout program.

While a natural decline in testosterone is inevitable with aging, dealing with the side effects of it is not. You can take control and regain your 20-year old body levels back.



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