The Aldo Diet: You’ll Be As Light As A Feather(weight)

Aldo Frankie Edgar distancing himself in a close quarter fight.

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There’s something you have to admire about mixed martial artists. The dedication they put into their regimes to go into the ring and battle against some of the toughest athletes in sport. Putting their bodies on the line to reach the number one ranking.

Jose Aldo is just one man who has done that with real class. The 28-year-old has become the world’s best Featherweight, and is right up there with the best pound-for-pound fighters in UFC. He’s a true warrior, a ground-fighting genius, and let’s face it an ultra-fit competitor.

With abs that a wrecking ball would struggle to take down, we can’t help but think, how do I get those?

Junior, as he’s known to fans, is in full training mode ahead of his showdown at the MGM Grand against Conor McGregor on July 11. Of course at that time you’ll be enjoying the alcohol, buffets, and gambling – perhaps even playing the likes of Royal Vegas casino on your phone at the buffet drinking beer thanks to Nevada’s online gaming laws.

Aldo however, will be finishing off his regime that is a far cry from buffets and beer.

The Brazilian is a big believer in the right diet when he prepares for bouts, and that’ll be no different in July when he heads to the strip to defend his UFC Featherweight Championship for the 10th time.

Jose Aldo posing his physique.

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He’s known to have a military-type regime which sees him wake up at 8.30am sharp. We can do that. From there it’s a cup of coffee and two slices of toast. Again, not so tough.

From there it gets a little harder. Running on an empty stomach and training three times a day on a very limited diet is where the real warrior comes out in him. 10.30am involves a cereal bar, whilst it’s chicken or fish with salad for lunch and dinner, in a schedule named the Spartan routine.

Away from diet, he trains in jujitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, and wrestling, more recently adding extra rounds to be fully prepared for five round fights.

It’s certainly a diet that would test even the hardest man, but with the results you get, Aldo generally drops around 10kgs from it to make the 66kg weigh-in for fights, it clearly reaps the rewards. Although even so, we’re not sure we’d want to step in a 750 square foot Octagon at the MGM Grand to take on McGregor, a man who has knocked out five of his last six opponents.