The Beginners Bodybuilding Guide For Teenagers

teen bodubuilders


In recent years, teens remarkably interested in bodybuilding – there are several reasons for that.  The most common reasons are – obesity. Yes, it is true – many teenagers suffering with obesity and they want to reduce their weight and shape their body. Alternatively, others are thin! So they need some body mass but they don’t need overweight! And bodybuilding is the only solution can serve for both! However, teen’s bodybuilding is different than men. Usually, it can be divided into the following segments –


Training: Training is the heart of any bodybuilding plan. Training can be classified under various categories like – cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility training and many others. Usually, the trainers teach the teens with two different focuses. They are – bulk up and contest preparation. However, if you don’t want to participate in any content in the near future, don’t worry Still you can join the program. For example – if you want to reduce your weight – that can be treated differently from others by your trainer. Practically, the fitness trainers examine your body and they suggest you the appropriate training schedule. They scheduled the whole exercises under different categories like – exercise for chest, legs, biceps, triceps, abs and others. Usually all the exercises not performed in a single day, rather they scheduled like – chest, biceps and triceps for 3 days and rest exercises for another 3 days. However, We strongly encourage you – perform all workouts with supervision of your fitness instructor!



Nutrition: Nutrition play vital role in bodybuilding. The nutrition rule in bodybuilding is simple! The golden rule of Nutrition is – add more proteins in your meal and reduce fat as much as possible. The main reason of it is – during bodybuilding process, your muscles torn and creates new muscles and protein is the only source of essential amino acids that build the muscles. But it is also recommended that – you must prepare a proper diet chat based on your requirements. Normally, the diet chat provided by your instructor. Many people think – carbohydrate is not essential, but the truth is – carbohydrate also essential for your body but in a less proportion! So, a balanced diet with – green and other colored vegetables, fruits, fish, meat (pork, beef, chicken), egg and right amount of carbohydrate (pasta, rice, beans) is essential for proper Nutrition. Additionally, keep your eyes on your drinking habits. Drink plenty of water regularly for best results.

Supplementation: There are lots of health supplements available in the market. Alternatively, you can find lots of supplements over the Internet. But remarkably all of them are not safe! Some of them also mixed with harsh chemicals and steroids! So, always take advice from experts before buying any supplement. Commonly, the fitness instructors recommend – whey, Creatine and mesobolin for young bodybuilders.

Steroids: every invention has black and white side. Steroids are not beyond of it! You’re a teen and you don’t need any steroid to build your muscles. In real world, people in the age group of 40 required steroids! If you take steroids to build your muscles magically! Then keep in mind that, you’re under medication for rest years! So, it is a good idea to be normal.


Finally, wrong lifestyle is your enemy during the bodybuilding process. Unhealthy lifestyle like – late night party, having fast food and junk food, consuming cold drinks and alcoholic beverages not only increase your weight, rather disrupt your entire effort!