The Benefits of AMRAP Workouts

An AMRAP set is a set of a particular exercise where you perform as many reps as you can possibly complete with a given weight. The best AMRAP workouts should also be done with proper technique. Do not risk injury for a couple more reps. You also don’t want to completely fail. It is important that your body learns proper form with any exercise. Whether you are a beginner or have been training for a long period of time, progress and safety happen from form.

Take a newbie, for example. This individual will gain progress from implementing each exercise in a controlled manner. When asking a beginner to perform an exercise for a designated amount of repetitions, their concentration on performing all of those reps may supersede the importance of completing the exercise properly. Unfortunately this happens a lot, and it can lead to a great deal of bad habits that carry on negatively later as someone continues training. Keeping good form can happen easily with time-based exercises.


Benefits Of AMRAP 


Time Effective

Because AMRAP workouts are done for a specific amount of time, they are usually designed to be under 30minutes. There aren’t too many ways to get a full body workout done in under 30 minutes.

Stresses Proper Form AMRAP

Workouts have a specified number of lifts and exercises for each round. Usually CrossFit coaches start you off slow, making sure your form is correct. Without getting the proper technique and form perfected first, you run the risk of injury when trying to do the lifts for time. Once you get your form on point, the number of rounds you complete during an AMRAP greatly improves!

Measurement Of Progress

Because there is a metric you can measure based on the AMRAP, you can test your progress every so often to see how much you have improved! That means, these are good for anyone to start and continue doing, regardless of fitness level.

Endurance Training

Doing short, high intensity workouts such as these regularly have similar endurance benefits as running or biking for an hour or more a day. Not only that, but it works your entire body and not just focuses on one area such as your legs, arms or core.


Can Do Anywhere

Whether it is at your favorite local CrossFit box or somewhere outside, if the AMRAP doesn’t require a lot of equipment, the possibilities are endless.