The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy



There are a lot of benefits to exercise during pregnancy. Even if you did not exercise regularly before you got pregnant, it is not too late to start. You will be glad you did, and the habits you develop during pregnancy can help you fight post partum depression after the child is born.

Regular physical activity is well known to keep your blood pressure down. This is vitally important while you are pregnant, because you do not want to be at risk for preeclampsia, a potentially fatal complication that starts with high blood pressure. Your risk of this condition is greatly reduced by regular exercise.

Another benefit to exercising while you are pregnant is that you will lower your risk of developing gestational diabetes. If you have had any type of blood sugar problems in the past your risk for this condition is fairly high, but exercise can lower the risk. If you do get gestational diabetes during your pregnancy, staying physically fit can help you manage your blood sugar so that you can avoid taking medication or insulin to resolve the issue.

Weight gain is always a concern for pregnant women, and it need not be if you eat healthy and exercise routinely throughout your pregnancy. You will feel much better and less tired throughout the nine months if you stay physically fit. You will also gain less weight, and the weight you gain will be centralized to your belly. This will make getting your shape back after you have the baby much easier.

Finally, studies have shown that women who perform light exercise right up until their last two weeks of their 40 week term, they will have a much easier labor and delivery experience. It prepares your body for the stress that will come with the labor and delivery. It also puts your body in prime condition to handle that stress. In fact, the act of exercising can help start labor naturally in women who are overdue. This is why they tell you to go walking to induce or strengthen labor pains. The more active you are during the entire process, the quicker and easier labor and delivery will be. You may even find that you experience less pain during labor and delivery when you have been exercising throughout your pregnancy. There is no doubt that every woman would appreciate that!