The Best Food Sources For Healthy Carbohydrates

The Best Food Sources For Healthy Carbohydrates copy


If you’ve been hitting gym for a while and have started to develop an understanding about the factors that increase or minimize your workout results, then you must have come to the conclusion that food is one of the most influential factor.

In order to get best results from the workout, you need to have great nutrition. Moreover, the nutrition needs to be provided to your body both before and after the workout. The lines below give the major nutrient that works best pre and post workout and the major food sources of its consumption.


Carbohydrates are the best nutrient one needs to consume before and after the workout. The importance of workout is so grave that it can be regarded as a prerequisite for post and pre workout nutrition. The reason whey carbs are important before and after the workout are as under:

To perform workout, your body requires energy. And there is no better and effective energy source available to the body then carbohydrates. The carbs you consume in the form of food are digest by the body and are broken down into glycogen which is then stored in the muscles. Therefore, if there are no carbs, there wont be any glycogen and consequently your muscles wont support the workout. Therefore, you need to provide carbs to your body before going to gym for workout.

After the workout, your muscles are exhausted. This exhaustion occurs because of the glycogen stores depleted from the muscles. Therefore, the need is to restore glycogen so that the muscles can get out of the feeling of sourness and start working properly. Hence, after the workout, to return your body to a normal state you have to restore the glycogen balance by consuming carbs.


Carb Rich Foods:

1. Whole Grain Spaghetti:



Although weight loss people stay away from pasta, however, for muscle builders whole grain spaghetti is a great source of complex carbs that ensure greater energy provision for longer workouts.


2. Brown Rice:


Another great food for carbs consumption is brown rice, that comes with the added advantage of fiber to prevent risk of colon cancer.


3. Whole Grain Cereal:


For those who love cereal in breakfast, a bowl of whole grain cereal can serve as a great source of carbohydrates. Thus while enjoying breakfast you can fill up your tank with carbs.


4. Whole Grain Pancakes:


Whole grain pancakes are also an excellent food option rich in carbs and fiber. However, go easy on the syrup and opt for fresh fruit or honey instead.


5. Chocolate Milk:



If you don’t have any reason to avoid dairy, then chocolate comes with the necessary carbs your require after the workout. Thus consuming chocolate milk after workout can bring the glycogen balance your desire.


Bottom Line:

In short, carbs are the most essential nutrient required before and after the workout. Therefore, you must search for foods that provide you sufficient carbs especially if the foods carry other nutrients with them as well.