The Best Free Health Apps On The Market




The last look at the Apple, Android and Blackberry App Stores revealed over 600 combined health-related apps on the market. As well as ranging across many price-bands, they also range across many categories and niches.

Many apps these days come as a free version and to access better features a fee is required; though this fee is normally relatively small in line with people’s expectations. Normally the paid version offers the best features and the free versions give only very few or limited features.

However there are still some life-changing and sometimes life-saving options out there. The categories on offer range from anything from the best sex positions to the best vegan restaurants, from baby name suggestions to calorie counters! The list appears to be endless.

Health & Fitness apps have become very popular because of vogue healthy lifestyle desires. As the world becomes more familiar with the benefits of a healthier lifestyle so will the competition for these apps in the marketplace. Most come with the same basic features – including GPS locators, heart rate monitors, run times and route selectors.

The problem recently with health & fitness apps in particular has been the bug fixes and updates which have plagued this still relatively infantile market. Many users have lost interest with an app once it has crashed and lost all of their data and stats.

Here is a run-down of the best free apps on the market ranging from fitness to disease to treatments and medicines:



Nike+ Running – Android and Apple

nike+ running


A handy running app that is very popular – perhaps more so to do with the company behind it – that in this case has more features concerned with your actual fitness schedule than many others on the market. Features include a heart-rate monitor, pace, times and a score out of ten for your fitness regime helps keep you on your toes for the duration of your fitness workout!



Endomondo Sports Tracker – Android, Blackberry and iPhone



With over 15 million users this app has certainly been endorsed for its usability and features. With the ability to track and monitor your exercise regime on indoor and outdoor pursuits it is useful for outdoor runs, cycles and walking as well as gym treadmills, bikes and ski-machines. It also sync’s nicely with Google maps so you know your routes are up to date. Audio feedback and ‘pep talks’ from friends add some nice motivational aspects. If you upgrade to the premium version you can get real time weather updates too so you will never get caught out by the elements



GluCoMo – (Apple) Glucose Buddy – (Android)



Glucomo for the Apple device and Glucose buddy on Android is the ultimate app for diabetes sufferers. With reminders and updates on when to take insulin injections you can be rest assured of continuing your day without remembering the important things. This app is also free without any features withheld for a premium version meaning what you get from day one is what you will always get. Features include – blood pressure, blood sugar level, weight and food controls, as well as the important insulin dosage reminders.


Calorie Counter by FatSecret – Android, Blackberry and Apple



A great all round app for the weight and diet conscious. With an exercise diary, restaurant finder, recipes, weight tracker and more it really is a one-stop shop for weight-loss and general wellbeing and living. It also has a barcode scanner for health products that can be easily synced to your account and the exercise diary tells you how much daily exercise you need to burn those extra calories.



Calculate by QxMD (Android) – iMedical (IPhone)



This range of apps is generally regarded as symptom calculators, and by and large is most effective for GP’s and Physicians. By filling out some information about yourself and your illness symptoms you can get a run-down of what your ailment may be. This potentially has the ability to save GP’s many hours of working time and so has to be seen as a revolutionary idea. With symptoms spanning general practice, internal medicine, cardiology, paediatrics, gastroenterology and neurology this is surely the foundation of a great working app and something great to come.



Daily Ab Workout Android and Apple.


This app is a take on a daily planner designed to get your abs trim and firm. The app also comes in ladies and men’s versions – bum, tums, arms, yoga etc; with automatic upgrades and skill levels to boot. Using the tools 5 to 10 minute routine daily can result in firmer abs in just 3 months. There is a relatively inexpensive paid version too which gives you videos and variances on exercises.



First Aid by British Red Cross



This intuitive app is well and truly a life-saver, offering tips, advice and step-by-step instructions on dealing with cases such as asthma attacks, bleeding, breaks, choking, seizures, strokes and so on. This is really an app everyone should have in their pocket. However is only a really useful as a tool to reinforce knowledge of first aid, not first aid certification itself.


It is clear that as people coin on to the benefits of having health advice, tips and information at their fingertips apps will become more important in everyday life, and even help companies, health institutions and GP’s in their general practice. With segmenting categories and niches we will see a further proliferation in services – including apps for both men and women, young and old and both active and inactive. Apps are becoming more commonplace and their use continues to increase year-on-year, watch this space for major advances in the health industry.



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