The Best Squat Is An Explosive One! (Video)

girl_squat   Many experts believe that in order to perform a perfect squat, a person does not have to make it explosive. In practice it is extremely difficult to launch a massive weight into the air without a significant burst of energy. Many lifters ignore such advice in their fitness exercise because it is often futile to follow the advice in practice. Developing the perfect explosive squat however needs quite a bit of training. There are four main fitness training areas that a person needs to perfect in order to master an explosive squat: jumps, heavy squats, Speed and pause squats.

Jumping Squats

Sprint training is ill-advised because it carries an unusually high risk of injury. When done right, however, jumps help to develop a person’s rate of force and therefore increase his ability to quickly lift heavy objects. Several types of jumps should be mastered including: box jumps, weighted box jumps, and depth jumps. All these areas of fitness exercise help to improve rate of force development (RFD). In box jumps, you should displace your hips as high as you can. The box used should enable you to land in a posture lower than a parallel squat. A soft landing on the box should be made on all reps.

Heavy Squats

In order to perfect big-weight squats, you have to select the perfect weight for the job. You should make sure than not a single rep is missed in your fitness exercise. Although bigger weights help to build strength faster, they may also cause unnecessarily high rate of missed reps. It is better for a person to reduce the weight in order to complete all reps. Remember that completing reps is what builds strength. Working with manageable weights also helps to build confidence which is a requirement with huge weight squats.

Speed Squats

Also known as compensatory acceleration squats, speed squats build your work capacity, help to perfect your fitness training, and increase your ability to achieve maximum velocity during squats. Speed squats are done after your heaviest squats to improve overall fitness. Adequate periods of rest are important to avoid exertion. During speed squats, the bar should be moved as fast as possible. Speed squats should be done quickly and you may try to do several of them on one breath. With these squats you are able to build your confidence in your technique and you also make it more efficient. Speed squats acclimatize you to lowering the bar quickly in preparation for huge weight squats.

Pause Squats

The most common place to miss squats by raw lifters is out of the hole. In order to get enough fitness exercise training for explosive squats, a person should practice pause squats. These squats are not by any means simple but the results are fantastic. When doing pause squats a person pauses between 3, 5, and 7 seconds between squats. This helps him to learn to coming out of the hole building strength in the hips and back. Pause squats also help a person to find his strongest position and enable him to replicate his best movements during squatting. Some people have upper back weakness which causes them to fall forward during squats. These people should use safety squat bars as their preferred fitness equipment to avoid any mishaps while performing pause squats.


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