The Dark Secret Behind Gym-Hygeine


People who regularly utilise their gym do so in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, undertake rigorous training in support of a hobby (such as triathlon and tough mudders) and as a way of increasing self-confidence. Many trust that through regular visits to the gym will result in a happy and healthy life.

The Not-So-Healthy Side Of Gyms

However, informs us that that gyms are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to fester, including Staphylococcus Aureus – an illness that, is so far, drug resistant. This bacteria is known to cause a range of illnesses from mild skin infections straight through to more worrying problems such as necrotizing fasciitis.

Further to this, an article in the telegraph quotes the Health Protection Agency discussing a study in 2003 that reported spa pools being the cause of Legionnaire’s in 27 cases. So if you are contemplating opening your own gym, or are currently the owner of one, it is important to take hygiene seriously.

How To Maintain A Healthy Gym

The upside to this is that by carrying out a few simple tasks on a regular basis, maintaining a consistent level of hygiene is easy to accomplish. Simply follow these tips and not only will your gym remain a healthy environment, it will also look better.

At the end of every day, take the time to spray your equipment with anti-bacterial products – including parts that are covered in fabric. This will kill the majority of bugs and bacteria that may have been transferred throughout the day.

Regularly clean your equipment in addition to spraying it down. Ensure that shower rooms and bathrooms are also given a good clean on a regular basis, this will prevent unwanted bugs setting up shop and beginning to spread.

Utilizing industrial cleaning products, rather than your average mop and bucket, not only promises the highest levels of cleanliness; but will also impress the health and safety inspectors when they come to visit. J&J services offer a wide variety of scrubber driers on a purchase or hiring basis with full flexibility, ensuring your flooring sparkles after your members have worked up a sweat. Equipment such as this offers immeasurable economic and health and safety benefits and are definitely worth the investment.

Get your customers involved. Ensure they are wiping down their equipment with a clean towel after each use. This will reduce the spread of unwanted bacteria and will also result in a more positive user experience all round.

These simple tasks will increase the cleanliness of your gym and create a much nicer atmosphere for your users. Don’t forget that Oct 15th is Global Handwashing Day as well! A great day to advertise hygiene in your company as well as being part of an international movement.