The Good and Bad Side of Bodybuilding Programs


Bodybuilding has become one of the most physical exercises in the modern society. It boasts of a rich history that dates back to the 1950s and 1960s. It owes its existence to Eugene Sandow but the real craze began with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor duly played an instrumental part in popularizing bodybuilding thanks to his role in the movie, ‘Pumping Iron.’ There are various reasons that prompt people to engage in bodybuilding. Some people adopt it to reduce their body fat while others engage in the activity for hypertrophy reasons. Still, other people do bodybuilding for nutritious or dietary purposes.

Over the years, bodybuilding has witnessed a raft of transformations. One of these transformations exists in the form of bodybuilding programs. These programs, such as the Vince Del Monte bodybuilding program, exist for the sole purpose of producing body-transforming results. Nonetheless, each of these programs comes with a good and bad side. Most weight lifters need to understand these pros and cons to harness the full potential of these programs.

Advantages of bodybuilding programs

Some of the advantages of bodybuilding programs include:

· Higher level of testosterone boosts

One of the benefits of bodybuilding programs is their impact on testosterone levels in the body. These levels are influential in building the muscle tissue. This is usually thanks to such resistance training workouts. These are exercises that make use of full body movements while charging up a lot of muscle fibers. These bodybuilding programs are also essential in accumulating lean mass.

· Low levels of CNS fatigue

Bodybuilding programs are also beneficial in reducing fatigue associated with the Central Nervous System (CNS). These programs provide a much-needed break from training to the CNS. In effect, this reduces the effect of training on the CNS. Furthermore, these programs reduce the need to stimulate the central nervous system on a daily basis.

· High muscular recovery rates

Thanks to the likes of Vince Del Monte and other workout programs, bodybuilders can benefit from high muscular recovery rates. These programs allow people to register progress on their workouts by facilitating their recovery with each session that passes. Such bodybuilding programs afford the bodybuilder with a rest day, which in turn enables their muscles to recover optimally.

· Suitability to home workouts

Bodybuilding programs have been responsible for the rise of home workouts. They often comprise different equipments that enable people to undertake different forms of workouts. Examples of these workouts include deadlifts, lateral raises, lying chest, bent over rows and bicep curls among others.

Disadvantages of bodybuilding programs

Notwithstanding, the use of bodybuilding programs is not that rosy. Here are some of the cons associated with these programs:

· Scheduling difficulties

One of the cons associated with bodybuilding programs is that of scheduling. People with busy lives have been mostly affected in this regard. They find it hard to attend to their bodybuilding programs in addition to taking care of their careers.

· Nutrition problems

Some of these programs accelerate the need for nutrition. This is orchestrated by the fact that these programs demand that bodybuilders must maintain allegiance to a pre-planned dietary plan. This has the effect of placing extra strain on post-workout nutrition. Many bodybuilders have had a hard time in undertaking two or four solid meals.

Bodybuilding is an efficient way of keeping the body in shape and building physical endurance. Nevertheless, there is need to realize that these programs have their upsides and downsides. Understanding these pros and cons will enable bodybuilders to select the programs that best suits them.


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