The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Vin Diesel’s Dad Bod


The Fast & Furious actor is famous for his bulging bicepsĀ but when he stepped out recently, Diesel had a very different figure. The 48-year-old walked out to the balcony of his room at Miami’s Shore Club hotel and took off his shirt to reveal a dad bod.



As anyone who has ever made an over-ambitious New Year’s resolution probably knows, pumping iron in the gym day in, day out while shoving buckets of rice and chicken into your gullet isn’t sustainable in the long term. But take heart, because even Goliaths like Vin Diesel need to take a break sometimes!

The Furious 7 star was recently snapped soaking up some rays on a balcony in Miami while rocking a much softer looking figure and, predictably, some news sources decided to run body shaming headlines such as ‘The Fat and the Furious’ alongside the images.

Other sources speculated Vin might have trouble whipping his normally super buff bod back into shape to reprise his role as Xander Cage in the action explosion that is xXx.

via Movie Pilot