The Key To Putting On Muscle Mass Without The Excess Body Fat

The Key To Putting On Muscle Mass Without The Excess Body Fat 1


Of course if you are among the many men out there today that really want to shed the excess body fat, and put on some lean muscle mass then you are probably going to want to know exactly what steps you are going to need to take. The truth is that information is available to us with great ease these days but the issue is not access but the fact that there is just too much information. So much in fact that it can be hard to know exactly where to begin. This can lead many of us not knowing what advice is good and what is just plain rubbish. My hope with this article is to help all of you guys that are a little confused on the steps you need to take to build muscle, and show you the right path to achieving their dreams. In reality you are going to want to focus completely on only putting on that muscle mass that not only looks great, but actually makes you stronger. Not only will this look more natural (as apposed to the bodybuilder look) but you will probably be a lot stronger too.

In day to day life, the bodybuilder look just doesn’t look that great. Those of you out there that happen to fit into the category of people that find it really hard to put on muscle mass, and have literally tried everything you can think of, need not worry. Because in this article I am going to help you get the results that you have been dreaming about.

How Much Muscle Mass Should You Focus On Building?

Science has now proven that the people with leaner builds tend to live a lot longer in comparison to the average person. Another really beneficial side effect to having lean muscle mass is the fact that you will automatically reduce your chances of ever getting any sort of chronic illness such as liver disease.

Before you get out there and take any sort of action it is really important that you understand some core things about muscle building. Your body has three different hormones which together will help you grow the lean muscle mass that you desire. Those three hormones include Testosterone, Growth Hormone and of course something that is known as IGF1 aka Insulin Like Growth Factor 1.

To help you get a better and more deeper understanding of how these hormones actually help you build the muscle mass you dream of, read the following few sections:

1st Hormone: Testosterone

The truth is that some of the most popular and well admired body builders of the world actually take steroids to give them the look that you see. The reason why anyone would want to inject steroids into their system is because the main ingredient is usually testosterone. Testosterone has many roles that it actually fulfils within your body. One of the most well known things that it does is help you with muscle growth.

Essentially what testosterone does is help you with the process of actually creating the protein that your body requires to build muscle. It does this by working together with Growth Hormone (GH). I am telling you right now that testosterone will be an essential hormone that you are going to require in order to build up the lean muscle mass that you are hoping for. But the truth is that you need not go crazy here and start injecting yourself with steroids because that is just not needed! You can literally get amazing results and get all the testosterone you need by implementing a few simple tricks we will go into later.

2nd Hormone: Growth Hormone (GH)

One of the main duties that growth hormone actually has, is to push your muscles to grow. But the secret is that not only does it help your muscles get bigger, but it will help your body actually burn the excess body fat that you are carrying. Believe me this is an essential component because there isn’t any point in gaining muscle mass which is covered in layer upon layer of fat. This is just going to result in you looking obese!

3rd Hormone: IGF1, Insulin Like Growth Factor 1

Without going into extreme details, you can basically look at IGF1 as having pretty much the same role as growth hormone has in your body.

At the end of the day all three of these hormones are anabolic in nature, and if you are serious about building up the lean muscle mass you are going to want to build up the amount of these hormones within your body by as much as you can. To give you a simple picture of how the hormones work together, it’s like this… The testosterone within your body will result you producing more IGF1, but of course this will never happen at all unless there is a lot of growth hormone present in your body.

It’s Time To Lift Heavy Down The Gym

Believe me having ample amounts of the three hormones I’ve mentioned above is just the start of it. In fact they will do nothing by themselves. You are going to have to get yourself down to the gym to lift hard and heavy. Believe me my friend, to really pack on the muscle mass I’d recommend that you focus on full body exercises such as deadlifts, pull ups, bench presses, jerks and rows.

You will really put on a lot of muscle mass if you stick to implementing whole body exercises like the ones that I’ve mentioned above. It’s a wonderful way to really shock up the central nervous system (CNS), which is exactly what you desire.When you shock the CNS you will essentially be causing your body to create a lot more of the three anabolic hormones that are crucial to muscle main and this will result in you building the muscle mass that you desire. But keep in mind that you only ever want to lift that weight which you can lift perfectly. Never compromise on your form. It will only lead to you getting injured.Getting the form perfect will result in you staying away from injury and actually getting the results that you desire.

I personally try to focus on one body part a day and so far it has resulted in me getting into the best shape of my life.

Begin To Eat Really Healthy and Clean

That means that you are going to have to focus on eating a lot of vegetables and lean meats. If you already feel that you eat a lot, then trust me you need to eat more. Eating clean is the only way that you are ever going to get the results that you are after. That means no more junk foods my friend. If you can keep this up then believe me, pretty soon you will be in the best shape of your life.

The most important element of your success is going to be the foods that you eat on a day to day basis. If you really want to build muscle then you need to get in as much protein into your system as you can.

Here are the food tips you need to focus on to get results:

1. For building up maximum amount of muscle mass in the least amount of time, I’d recommend that you eat 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight you have. I am telling you right now that after those really tough and strenuous workouts at the gym you are going to need to feed your muscles with as much protein as you can.

2. Begin to focus on eating more of those foods that contain saturated and monounsaturated fats.

These two fats are really great for you and will actually help to reduce the amount of insulin that your body actually releases into your bloodstream. On top of that these fats will help your body to produce more of that much needed hormone, testosterone.

3. Eat smaller meals, regularly throughout the day so that you can maximize the amount of calories that you can get into your body in a day.

4. Working out alone will not help you develop the muscle mass that you dream about. In order to really get the results you want, you have to make sure that you are eating the right foods every single day of your life. The foods that you consume every single day need to contribute to the results you want to achieve.

Just cut out all the processed junk out from your diet and begin to focus on eating a lot more vegetables and organic meat. If you can keep the diet clean then believe me getting the physique you desire will never be an issue. Those of you that really want to put on a lot of muscle but find it hard to do so need to focus most of your time and effort on eating. You really have to push yourself to get in as much healthy food into your body as you can because that is the only way you are going to be able to build the muscle mass that you dream of.

Now you have all the resources in terms of knowledge that you need to build the muscle mass that you desire. All you need to do now is get out there and actually produce the results that you dream about, by taking massive action.