The Most Epic Fails At The Gym


Im sure you guys seen someone at your local gym doing some whacky workout. We got a few of the most epic fails ever recorded at a gym. Number 1 may be one of the craziest thing i seen in a gym.


1. High-Stack Jamaican Wizard Crunches

2. Inverted Crab Pretzel Lipschitz Press

3.  Marmalade Split Assisted Pull-Up

4. Two Birds Leg Press

5. No Homo Spot


6. Diagonal Overhead Larry Squat

7. Hopscotch Cross Press

8. The Showoff

9. Bavarian Spider Monkey Curls

10. Two Bros One Bar

11. The Mounted Motivator Spot

12. The Don’t Complain About Squats Pussy




via Spot Me Bro