The Posters That Help Your Workout!


Let’s face it, when we’re enjoying our daily, weekly or bi-monthly fitness duties in the gym, there are occasions when it’s a little harder than normal to perform to the high levels that we set for ourselves.

Whether it’s because we feel unmotivated, under the weather or simply lacking in energy, some days it’s hard to get ourselves going before the adrenaline kicks in. Sometimes, we all need a kick-start to help us on the way; an inspirational leg up that gets us back to our best.

And that’s the reason many gyms use posters: helping their patrons to hit their fitness heights as well as making it a fun, interesting and attractive place for people to work out. But which posters are there? Which types of people do different gym posters help?


Motivational Posters


It doesn’t have to be an angry-but-well-meaning fitness instructor who shouts in your face that gets the best from your gym session – you can get shouted at 24-7 by the wall as well. Motivational posters, encouraging you to hit your heights through clichéd phrases such as ‘man up’, ‘pain is temporary’ ‘beat your best’ are great for competitive types, who need the near-insults of others to spur them on to the next level. And as these are some of the people who are frequently found in gyms, motivational posters are also sure to be dotted around.



Event Posters

A good gym is, at the very basic level, a community where different people meet in one place to socialize and work together for their greater good. Many gyms will have different events organized to help users get the most from their gym and their community, and posters that advertise the goings on ( a marathon, or iron man competition, perhaps) may motivate you to work harder for that specific event.



Educational Posters


Some things however, won’t motivate you more than cold, hard facts. If you’re working out and there’s a poster informing and educating you of what you need to do to reach your day’s goal, or a specific amount of calories, then that could spur you on to greater things. If you’re looking to lose weight, for instance, then an educational poster spelling out the social and health benefits of a healthy calorie-burning workout can only help, or wannabe pros may gain inspiration from the exploits and rituals of their role models.



Sexy Posters


For many guys and girls, nothing gets the adrenaline going and blood pumping round a body quite like the physical form in all its toned glory. And while you’re working out, it can only help to have an attractive model looking down at you, and ushering you into your new era of physical domination right? Sure, it’s not as good as the real thing, but a bit of eye candy on the wall is a great thing to rest your eyes on and distract your mind from the burning sensation in your thighs.



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