The Science Behind African Mango


Another year, another overhyped ‘super food’. Well actually in this case, no. African Mango has that rate thing to back up its claims – science. The food came to the fore under the eye of Oprah Winfrey physician Dr. Mehmet Oz, who espouses the benefits of this Cameroonian based fruit.

African Mango, ‘Irvingia Gaconesis’ as it is known has been used for hundreds of years in its native land for both its high nutritional value and also for its weight loss capabilities. So, how does it work?

The Science

African Mango speeds up weight loss by removing fat burning and metabolism slowing toxins. This increases the speed at which we burn off fat and also makes for a higher level of energy. In turn, this extra energy encourages the person to be more active and increase their levels of exercise. African mango encourages the production of the hormone Adiponectine, this regulates glucose intake and also aids the flow of blood around the body – something very beneficial to wellbeing. The reduction of glucose intake essentially causes a levelling off of the blood sugar level, which allows the person to feel fuller for longer and avoid the sugar peaks that cause all sorts of problems for dieters.

Reducing peaks and troughs encourages balance and means that cravings are limited and eating unhealthily far less likely.


Physicians have noted significant decreases in the levels of LDL cholesterol in patients who ingest African mango. If you don’t know LDL cholesterol is the artery hardening form of fat that causes coronary issues. This is partially caused by the extracts high fibre content and its effect on the LDL cholesterol in bile in the stomach area. High fibre reduces intake of LDL cholesterol and pushes it out of the body in waste form.

The extract is also high in chemicals that reduce a person’s Leptin resistance. People who are Leptin resistant are more inclined to carry weight around the mid-section and have fat storage in the abdominal area. The extract of African mango decreases resistance and encourages weight loss around this often delicate area. Leptin is naturally made in the fat cells of the body and is a protein that circulates in the blood stream and goes into the brain. Essentially it is a way for your body to tell your brain that you have enough or too much energy in your fat cells.

Weight Loss Aid

One of the things that have to be noted about African mango extract is that it is a weight loss aid and not a certified way to weight loss. Intake of this extract should never replace healthy eating and exercise regimes and doing so will not result in weight loss or a healthy change in diet or lifestyle. As an aid African mango can help with significant changes to health and weight levels, though moderate change is needed.

African Mango is a notably potent aid for weight loss and good health and can really benefit the vast array of us who need a little push in the right direction. It’s a healthy natural addition to any diet and is easily taken and can provide excellent results.


Author Bio:

Cormac Reynolds has a keen interest in health supplements and writes for UK nutrition company Regenerative Nutrition. Regenerative Nutrition sells an array of supplements online to the public including African Mango.