The Secret to Sticking With High Intensity Training



The benefits of a high-intensity workout far outweigh moderate- or low-intensity exercise.  With the popularity of HIIT growing, you’ve probably given it a try yourself.  But if you’re struggling to make the most of your workouts, here are some tips to keep you motivated.

  1. Prepare a Plan.  We’ve all been there.  We know we need to work out so we slowly go get dressed, find some things to occupy our time, and then finally force ourselves to head out the door without a plan in mind.  If you approach your workout this way, there’s no motivation to work hard.  You can go pedal for a half hour on the stationary bike, but then not finding anything appealing, call it quits for the day.  To avoid this easy pitfall, schedule your days and know exactly what you’re going to do on them.  Then hold yourself accountable to your plan and stick to it.
  2. Make a Go at Group Fitness.  If you find that you lack motivation when it comes to pushing yourself to your max, then a group fitness class might just be for you.  However, the key to making this experience successful is to find a class and, more importantly, an instructor you enjoy.  Working out with others around you with an instructor pushing you will keep you working harder than if you exercise by yourself.  Plus it takes the thinking out of your workout!
  3. Know How Hard You’re Heart’s Working.  A heart rate monitor is a great tool to help you keep track of your effort and your progress.  Use a monitor with a chest strap for ease and constant reading and then set your limits to warn you when your heart rate is dropping too low.  Then see the results of your hard work through how many calories you’ve burned.
  4. Make it a Challenge.  Record the details of your workout and how you felt in a daily log.  Include things like the fitness equipment you used, the number of reps, the rest time you allowed, and how long it took.  Then use that log to challenge yourself.  You can make your workout a timed race or see if you can up the weight or number of reps.  Maybe even use a more advanced friend for motivation.  Find what works for you to keep you reaching for your max.
  5. Opt for a Personal Trainer.  If you’ve tried different tactics and are still struggling to make the most of your workouts, a personal trainer is a great resource to look into.  Working one on one with a personal trainer will help you stay accountable, push you harder, and make sure that you are constantly improving.


Try these techniques to pump up your intensity up and you’ll see the pounds drop and your performance sky rocket.  Just remember that every little improvement in effort is progress.