The Top 5 Sports that Are Easy to Play, Great for Your Health, and Easy on Your Body



Fitness and exercise should be an integral part of anybody’s life, but heading over to the gym to lift weights or going on long runs is not for everyone. This is why many would like to get their daily or weekly exercise through sports, which can be simple to pick up, easy on the body, and will lead to better overall health. Here is a quick look at a few different sports that are not only fun and easy to learn, but that will also be easy on your body and allow for you to get a great workout that will get you fit and trim.

1. Cycling

As bicycle technology has improved throughout the years, this sport has become available to individuals of almost any age and any level of physical fitness. Many cities and states maintain thousands of miles of bicycle trails that range from leisurely rides to grueling races of 100 miles or more. This sport is low-impact and will strengthen one’s core, legs, arms, and shoulders. While you will need to invest a few hundred dollars in the sport in order to get a good beginners bike, this investment will last you for years to come if it is properly maintained.

2. Dancing

Dancing has become a very popular sport with tournaments, leagues, and studios around the country that cater to both competitive and non-competitive individuals. From Meringue to ballroom, dancers can pick and choose the style of music that they enjoy the most and get a full body workout with unique movements and steps. There are plenty of different classes that can appeal to beginners and experts. This sport is also great for couples that want to get fit together, allowing for both people to get a great workout and have a fun time together while doing so.

3. Tennis

Tennis can be picked up at almost any age and remains a popular sport for both high level competition and more relaxed games with family, friends, and other tennis enthusiasts. With only the most basic gear from Just Rackets, anyone can hop right into this game with grass, dirt, and clay courts located throughout the country. Tennis, while easy on your body, is also able to provide you with an amazing full body workout that simply cannot be matched by most other sports.

4. Golf

At a quick glance, many do not see golf as a sport that can also be considered an exercise, but a few changes to one’s gameplay can turn it into an ideal physical activity. In addition to strengthening the core and upper body, those that forgo a cart will also enjoy the benefits of a fast-paced walk over a distance of 2 or more miles. Add in the fact that you will be standing and walking for multiple hours on end and you have a low intensity workout that is sure to slowly get your entire body into shape if done regularly.

5. Swimming

Swimming remains one of the most ideal options for those that would like an easy and low-impact sport. This sport not only utilizes muscles throughout the entire body, it will drastically improve one’s cardiovascular health. Indoor and outdoor pools can be found in gyms, at parks, and on community campuses across thousands of cities. Swimming usually has some of lowest rates of injury, which allows for you to workout as much as you want, going until you run out of energy, instead of till you are in pain and injured.

Picking up a new sport is one of the best ways to get in a great workout without the traditional weights or a treadmill. These five options are only the beginning when it comes to competitive and non-competitive sports that can be enjoyed at any age.